Busy Busy Weekend!

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Busy Busy Weekend!

Saturday was my surprise baby shower! It was great. All my friends and family were there. It was a Jack & Jill, so everyone's SO's got to come too. There was lots of yummy food, and we got SO much stuff!! I went from freaking out thinking how I could afford all of this, to only having to buy a few things! I am so grateful for friends and family like that! After the party we went to a friends 30th birthday, that was fun, but 7:30 hit and I was DONE! I was having some contx, and my back was hurtin! Sunday I cleaned out DS's room, took out all of the clothes he doesn't fit in, rearranged it, took all DS's baby toys out & stocked the closet with them, DH put together the crib, and I put all of her stuff there for right now. We don't have the mattress yet, but getting it this week. I still need to wash the clothes but I haven't gotten to that yet (I don't have a dresser yet either).
Here are some belly pics, haven't posted them in a while
33w- I look exhausted!! lol
My belly looks so pointy

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You look great! Wonderful news about your shower. I'm so glad you had a great time & got so many needed things.

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You look great!! That is awesome they threw a suprise shower!

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You look great!

It's so nice when you don't have to buy all that baby stuff on your own! It's crazy how expensive it all is! One less thing to stress out about.

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You look great! I'm happy you had such a good shower Smile

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That's awesome! I know the feeling you had. Still have it LOL, but it will work out in the end.
You look great though. You're all belly and don't even look swollen either.

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It's awesome that your friends and family came through like that for you! Only a few more weeks now Smile Oh, and you look so cute! Great belly Smile

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wow, you got a ton done! Great you have such wonderful family and friends, you are truly blessed in the best way!

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Oh that's fantastic! I'm glad you're less stressed about all the things that you needed to buy. And WOW you got a ton done! Good work!