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Busy busyy...

SO today was non stop from 630 this am until about 15 min ago (945 pm). Between school, my mom and I had errands to run, football practice times 3, homework times 4, showers, dinner......and bed. I JUST ate dinner...well I had a lunchable...lol. My feet and ankles are all kinds of swollen, bad enough that they itch because the skin is stretched so tight. Hoping it goes down overnight as I have to work in the am. I also have been having a TON of pressure in my hoo haw. I have an OB appt tomorrow so hoping to figure something out...lol

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Ok... I'm tired reading that. I hope you get a goodnights rest. I don't know how you moms keep up with all of that. I hope I can just keep up with the 2 I will have.

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Hope you get a good nights sleep! You deserve it after that day.

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I hope that you got some rest! I was tired just reading about your day. Phew!

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Wow! I can't even take care of 1 while pregnant. At least you can keep busy and your LO will be here before you know it. I have been feeling alot of pressure too when I have a busy day.

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Yikes!!! Don't forget to take care of yourself too Mama!!!

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Take it easy! I hope you're feeling much better today Smile