Caleb Gabriel's birth story (long)

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Caleb Gabriel's birth story (long)

Caleb Gabriel
10/18 1:42pm
9lbs 3oz
21.25 inches

I started having contractions on Sunday, the night before my EDD. They were definitely more intense than the ones I was having before and they were 7-8 minutes apart, but I wasn't letting my hopes get up since I was having so much pre labor. I barely slept at all that night and was out of bed super early and took a shower. In the shower I noticed I was bleeding some. Contractions continued all day, we went down to visit both sets of parents and had a super busy day. Around 9 that night I figured this was probably it and tried to sleep a bit. I think I slept an hour, but the contractions were hurting so I had trouble. I knew I needed to rest up so I just laid in bed trying to sleep all night. About 5:30 they had been coming every 4 minutes for some time so I woke DH up to ask him if he thought I should get my mom to come. She lives over an hour away from us (with morning traffic probably about 1 hour 45 minutes) and we lived about 45 minutes (over an hour with morning traffic) from the hospital so I definitely didn't want to wait too long. But at the same time I knew it wasn't urgent yet. So I called and she flipped, her labors were very short and she was sure I waited too long lol. While we were waiting for her to come DH brought up his middle name. We agreed on Octaviano which is a family name on his side. It wasn't my favorite, but since DS1 has my dads name as his middle name and one of DDs middle names is my mom's name I was fine with it. The problem was his mom and grandma hated it lol. So he chickened out hehe, he let me choose whatever I wanted and I picked Gabriel. My mom got there around 7:30, right as my kids were getting up. I was happy I got to say goodbye. They were so excited to meet baby Caleb and excited that Grabdma was there to spoil them, I was scared to death to leave them. But I kept the tears in until I was out the door :).

Once we got to the hospital was when all the drama started. I walked in so excited that I was going on my own. I was sure if I could just avoid intervention I could have this guy naturally and be back home to my kids in no time. I could do everything they need me to do and not just be a lump on the couch only good for nursing the baby. I was wrong. They didn't even let me try. I checked in and they put me in a room, a dr came in and told me he wasn't sure how this could have happened but my MW and the consulting physician had it wrong, I could not even attempt a VBA2C. They wanted me to have the c-section immediately. There were a few emergencies that came up so I ended up having to wait a few hours. Which sucked since I was laboring for nothing. They offered drugs but I declined because I didn't want Caleb to be born all loopy.

He was born at 1:42, he was completely healthy and screamed the instant his head was out :). He weighed 9-3 and was 21.25 inches long. A big healthy boy. In recovery they checked his blood sugar and it was a bit low so they wanted to give him some formula. I protested and said I wanted to nurse him first and if that didn't help his blood sugar we could consider formula. They said no, but they could give it to him through a tube while I nursed him so he wouldn't get a bottle. Again I was crushed, none of my babies had ever had a drop of formula the first 6 months of life. Nothing was going my way. While I was nursing him DH noticed I was bleeding through the sheet that covered me. Everyone went crazy, nurses were pushing on my freshly sliced open tummy and DH looked like he was going to pass out. I told them this was normal for me. I always have quite a bit of bleeding afterward and it's fine. The dr came back in checked me out and didn't seem too concerned either, he said it seemed fine but if I started passing big clots he'd go back in. They just kept massaging my belly and jamming their hand way up there checking for clots. It turned out to be nothing and I'm just a heavy bleeder. I finally got out of recovery around 6 and called my mom to bring my babies. I felt a lot better after seeing them. They were a bit nervous, not because of Caleb but because I had an IV and all the hospital bracelets and I was in a strange bed hehe. They loved their brother though and were both super excited to meet him.

I got to leave thursday around 11:00am, I was so glad to be out! Just like with the births of my first 2 not a single thing that I wanted to happen actually happened except leaving with a healthy baby. Which all in all is the most important part. I can't believe that no one bothered to mention to me that this VBAC I was planning was not even an option. I am so furious it all went down that way, but at the same time I am glad I didn't know. Before I got pregnant with Caleb I checked to make sure I could try a VBA2C. I vowed to never have another C/S after having DD, even if it meant no more children. I hated not being able to care for DS like I usually do, not being able to pick him up broke my heart, and his heart :(. I didn't want to do that to him again and to DD this time. So I never would have even had Caleb if I knew this, I feel like it was sort of a blessing in disguise. Or at least that's how I'm trying to look at it. I believe God has a plan and this is what he wanted for us :). But at the same time, if they had told me just a bit sooner I could have had a planned c-section and prepared my kids for everything and not had to endure all the nights of prodromal labor. I could have mentally prepared myself and not had the breakdown I had in the hospital lol. I was an inconsolable mess! It just makes me sad I will never get the amazing natural birth I had planned 3 times. But its over with now and our family is complete. I'm so glad to have Caleb here, he's such a good baby. He nurses like a boss and is so absolutely sweet. He's bald! My first 2 had hair so I was surprised! How can a half mexican baby be so bald? Haha! I'll add pics tomorrow. If you got through all that you deserve a hug :bigarmhug:

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Awe! I'm so sorry you didn't get to have your VBAC, but you are so right, he's healthy and that is all that matters!! BTW...I'm a heavy bleeder too. I remember laying there in the hospital bed and I pressed on my stomach and I could just fill it gushing out. Sure enough I looked down and it was just pouring out all around me. DH looked like he was about to pass out. LOL!

That is so funny about him being bald!!! My half mexican babies both came out with lots of hair!

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Sorry you didn't get to VBAC....maybe Caleb and Alli decided to play a trick on us because all my other babies were bald as can be and she has a head full of dark

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I'm sorry you didn't get to attempt your vbac, but so happy he's here and healthy.

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How disappointing that your labor and delivery didn't go as planned. I'm thrilled, though, to hear how big and healthy he is! Congratulations on your little man. I can't wait to see some pics of his bald little head Wink

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You have such a great attitude about things not going your way. I'm sorry you didn't get the birth you were hoping for, but at least you did know what to expect with the c-section.

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Sorry you didn't get your VBAC, I know how you feel. I was hoping for a VBAC this time around but baby just wouldn't cooperate. It was hard to accept at first but I'm ok with it now. Glad he's doing well!

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OMG I would have been so upset and dissapointed at that news! And how can they just tell you flat out no you can't try and nurse your baby before they try formula? I don't understand that. I would have protested that all the way! I'm sorry things didn't go your way, but as you said, your beautiful son is here and he's a blessing! Congrats to you!