Cameron was born...10/28

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Cameron was born...10/28

Hello i hardly had time to post when joining but hope to become more active now. My nameis Raven, now mom to 4. Cameron was born 10/28 @ 8lb 7oz lots of beautiful hair and 19". Life is going wonderfully with my family. Delievery on one hand was ROUGH to say the LEAST for ME, i ended up loosing alot of blood and had to be forced into having a Hysterectomy ontop of it all due to the damaged uterus Sad

Although i do keep it on the up and up daily knowing GOd had a plan for us and knew this was what we could handle. After 3 healthy girls, our Bouncing bundle of joy BOY!!!! Smile

God bless and hope to keep more in touch

Any other Oct.28th babies????

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Congrats on your little boy! I'm so sorry the birth was so difficult for you, but like you said God knows what he is doing :).

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Sorry about the rough birth and hysterectomy, but congrats on Cameron's birth!

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Congrats! In the end, no matter how crazy or traumatic our birth stories are, the most amazing part is that we've all ended up with healthy babies. That's awesome that you have two girls and now get to experience a little boy! Like you said, God had a plan.

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I'm sorry for everything that you ended up going through with this L&D, but congrats on finally getting your little prince!