Can I cry now?

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Can I cry now?

Just found out my dad has a temp of 102.4. Tomorrow is my pre op appt before my csect on Tues. Now I can't have mom or dad near me or DD in case it is something contagious. They are supposed to be watching DD while I'm in the hospital during the day.

Now I have to come up with another plan fast & I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do. It took me so long to come up with a solution that I felt semi comfortable with.

DH doesn't even see what the problem is. And couldn't understand why I'm crying. DD isn't that girl that just happily goes with anyone & I fully expected her to freak out with the original plan too... I've never been away from her. Now my anxiety is through the roof. Oh & I'm supposed to be resting & staying calm because my BP is high. Super!

I'm just so distraught right now. It just all feels like a bad omen. Probably pg hormones aren't helping I'm sure. I will take any thoughts, prayers or well wishes anyone wants to send.

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Sorry to hear this. Changing plans at the last minute can be rough and stressful! Hoping you come up with a solution quickly

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:openarms: I hope you can come up with a solution quickly that will work for your dd! And I hope that whatever your father has isn't serious.

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Anita, I hope you find a solution that works. I was very stressed about leaving Clara behind while I was in the hospital but it ended up turning out okay. I know it's hard but try not to stress out too much about it, everything will work out in the end. I thought Clara would be devastated with me gone but she did good! I hope your dad is okay too.

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I hope your dad feels better soon. As for your situation, I'm so sorry. I hope there's an easier solution than you're afraid of. If you need any help that I can provide, don't hesitate to pm me!

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Thanks ladies! I had my dad call his Dr because I was concerned in might be pancreatitis. The on call Dr had him go to the ER. I probably won't find out anything until the morning. I have pre op tomorrow.

I will try to pop in & out of here when I can & post an update. I'm trying not to get too stressed & keep Ethan in until Tues. I was already feeling nauseous & having contractions everytime I stand up before all this drama. When it rains...

Hopefully they can figure out what's wrong with dad & fix him up soon. I have a feeling he will be admitted tonight.

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I hope you all can find an easy solution! And I hope your dad is okay!

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:bigarmhug:I'm sure it will all work out in the end. I remember you trying to figure this all out before, so I'm sorry the plans have been thrown off. I know how it feels to only have one option. Relax and just remember it will all be over soon!

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:bighug: I hope everything works out okay.

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I hope your dad is ok and that you are able to find a solution that will work best for you.

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I'm sorry. Sad I hope it's nothing serious and they figure out what's wrong with your dad. I also hope you figure something out for while you're in the hospital. It always seems like things like this come at the worst time.

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Just keep in mind that DD will play off of that anxiety and it will only make it worse for her. You have to be cool, at least with her. Does she have a girlfriend that she especially likes(and that you like her family?), go out on a limb and ask them if she can stay with them. My 4yrold has a couple buddies that he would follow off a cliff because he looks up to them so much. If she is with someone like that she may be so distracted that she will be ok with being away from home. Just a thought.

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