Can I officially join?

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Can I officially join?

Even though my due date was November 8, I've had it in my head that I'd be having the baby in October. Today I got it confirmed that I'll be induced asap after 37 weeks so I'll be with you here if you'll have me!!

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Three cheers for officially having an October baby! It's just about my favorite month of the year. Glad you''re officially with us! Smile

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Welcome!!! Oct is a fabulous time of year!!!! Smile

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Welcome officially! Glad you'll be with us Smile

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Welcome! We are glad to have you.

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Welcome! Why are they inducing you so early?

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YAY for a Hallowe'en bebe!!!!

Of course you can play here!

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Welcome! Biggrin

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Welcome! Glad you'll be with us in October!

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Hello! And welcome!

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"OregonJewels" wrote:

Welcome! Why are they inducing you so early?

I'm curious too!

Officially welcome to October!