Can you still...?

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Can you still...?

Lay on your belly? I'm 15 weeks and I can still lay on my belly on my bed. Baby doesn't seem to mind. lol

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I woke up this morning laying on my belly and I could feel a lot of pressure. I'm only confrontable laying on my side now.

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I still lay on my belly! I'm only 11w though. It got to the point with DS where it would hurt, so then I stopped. Smile The baby will probably tell you!

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I always sleep on my belly until I can't then I sleep at an angle.

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I sleep on my belly but then I move a lot in the night cause I can feel the pressure in there. I don't think baby's big enough to be bothered by it yet.

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I am sure I read somewhere it is ok until 20weeks, and by then will probably be uncomfortable anyways.

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Yea I sleep on my belly when I first go to sleep. I sleep pretty wild so I'm sure this baby is in for an adventure lol

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The one I've read about is sleeping on your back. Once baby is bigger, it presses on your main arteries or something and can restrict blood flow, making you uncomfortable. Stomach sleeping is mostly up to you and your comfort level and like someone else in here said at one point, baby will likely kick you if they don't like it.

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I cant, but not because of my belly, but because of my boobs!! lol

I slept on my stomach till I was 25-30 weeks with ds, I just made a donut shape with a blanket and kinda cradled my belly. at that time I couldnt sleep on my side, now I am a side sleeper!

if you dont like your side, try sleeping hugging a pillow and having another pillow between your knees.

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I usually can sleep on my belly til about 30ish weeks.....

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I can't actually sleep on my belly because of my boobs either. However I do tend to sleep on my belly/side with one knee up and my upper body kinda sideways. My hips have been really sore lately so I'm moving all over. I'd die without my body pillow!

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I can. I'm not a big stomach sleeper anyway. I notice that I do roll over on my stomach in the night and I get a lot of pressure unless I kind of arch my booty up. It may just be me with the pressure though, I don't even like my pants touching me right now. Smile

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Ya, I have to have my body pillow too. I have to have it otherwise I'd not be able to sleep. I only sleep on my left side which faces the wall so I can't use hubby as a cuddler. LOL

Wouldn't want to really because I stay sooooo HOT all the time.

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Sort of Smile I have to prop a pillow or stuffed toy half under me, but I often wake up like that!

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No I haven't been able to for a couple weeks - it's not comfortable I can lay kindof sideways on my belly but not full on belly.

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I can. Sometimes it's uncomfortable tho so I guess I'm probably starting to do it less. But I don't really think about it lol

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On DD's BB we called it the tripod. Where you're on your side/tummy with one knee up and a body pillow under you. That's how I sleep and how I've slept through both of my previous pregnancies. I can't lay on my tummy comfortably, but I think it's mostly because of my boobs.