cant find a hb

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cant find a hb

for 14 days straight, atleast 2-3 times a day I have been able to find baby's heartbeat. I just tried for a good 20 minutes and couldnt find it.

thank goodness I have a doctors appt on Monday! I know its silly to be concerned, but I can't help it.

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Aww, I just found mine for the first time this week! I'm sure everything is fine but of course we all worry. Let us know how the appt goes, I'm sure it'll be a great one!

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That is why I am not buying one. I know if I couldn't find it I would drive myself nuts. Sure everything is fine xxx

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This is my fifth pregnancy and I have had different doctors for each one. Each doc told me not to buy one of those for that exact reason. I am sure you will hear one on Monday. I know its hard, but try not to stress....

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I found mine easily Friday and Saturday but then on Sunday it took a good ten minutes. I don't think the baby likes the pressure of the doppler wand! I also don't think the count is right that shows up on the monitor. A week and a half ago at my first appointment they said baby's HR was in 160's but this little doppler registers at 120-130 and then the count just steadily drops, even if the baby seems to stay in one place for a bit. I dunno, maybe I'm doing it wrong Blum 3

But anyway please keep us updated! You are in my thoughts today and I'm sure all is well!

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They are so small and hard to find since they can move so fast. That is the reason I am not getting one either. I would be going crazy if I could not find it.

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Yeah I thought about what would happen if I couldn't find it either. I think I would just keep trying for a LONG time and then maybe call my doctor lol. But being able to find it is really super reassuring for a paranoid idiot like me. After my previous two losses I am so scared and that little beat is taking away some stress for me.

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Good Luck!! Keep us posted on your appt.

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Good luck! KUP.

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What time is your apt?

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Hoping to hear from you soon, anxious to hear how doctor's went! I keep checking back and checking back.