Check-up today

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Check-up today

I had my monthly check up today and I was scheduled for the glucose test but doctor wanted to wait till 27 weeks.

I lost .5 a lb which has her concerned, she thinks its related to all the stomach pain I get so I have to see my regular family doctor and get a referal for a gastro doc....

I also have another sono tomorrow to check on the fibroid growth and I guess to make sure its still out of the way. i dont know why we are seeing if its growing, since its obviously going to continue to grow as my uterus grows, but she wants to be thorough and not overlook anything I guess.

I think everything else was good! measuring 24 weeks, bp was normal, urine normal. Baby is kicking away Smile

all of a sudden I am just soooo anxious to hold this baby girl! I saw 2 newborns today and just about cried, I am just so happy!!!! just 16 more weeks!!! (or less)

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I hope you can get an appt with the gastro quickly, so you can figure out what's going on! I'm glad your appointment well :).

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Glad it all went well.....:-)

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Glad the appt went well, and hopefully you can into the gastro quickly.