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Checking in....

Just wanted to check in with everyone. My eldest is doing summer camp at the apple store and I have to stay with her so am catching up on internet stuff.

We have all moved in but still leave loads of unpacking and decorating to do. Moving was really stressful, more-so than ever before, even though I have moved every time I have been pg. We locked ourselves out, could not get into the garage. Had issues moving my DH's motorbike. Then this week I have been ill. Work was horrifically busy Sunday, leaving me completely wiped out. Now I have stomach ache, feel sick, cannot bear to eat, and feel very weak. Probably from not eating. So the house is still in chaos and my internet/landline provided screwed up our moving package and instead of maybe taking 2 weeks it may take upto 5 ugh.

Hope everyone else out there is doing ok.

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well at least you got through it all. Sorry you're feeling so sick though. Sad
Hang in there, and don't stress about unpacking. Some things are better off left in boxes for a while. Sounds like you could use a good rest!

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Hope you can rest up soon! I can't even imagine moving while pregnant!

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Oh... You poor dear! I hope you feel better soon! I can't even imagine all you're dealing with.

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I feel for you, hon!! When we finally got moved in to our second place in three months I got sinusitis and I've been fighting it for 2 weeks! Get some rest, momma!
We can start a "We Hate Boxes" Club!
Feel good

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Oh my! You sound miserable! You dont have anyone there to help you either do you? Like with the decorating and unpacking and such? Sorry you are so sick too, I hope it is just a bug that passes quickly!

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Oh my I'm so sorry! I can empathize with the moving aspect, I moved at 36 weeks when I was pg with DD. It was such a complete disaster! Worst feeling ever! I hope you feel better soon and have enough time before your LO arrives to get everything done!

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Ackkk!!! Hope you feel much better in your new home. Just take some time to relax.