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Checking in!

It's been super busy at work lately so I haven't been able to check in as often. I've been a little sad this week. Sad DH had a vasectomy on Tuesday. It's what we both wanted, but now that I know for a fact there will be no more babies, I'm just sad. I was secretly hoping that maybe we might have an accident before then. Hehe! There is no way we can afford anymore babies though so it's for the best!

As for Sophia, she is growing everyday. She's even starting to copy me when I blow rasberries at her. It is the cutest thing and she gets so tickled when she does it! She hasn't slept through the night since she was 3 months so we've been working on that. She's been teething so I think maybe that's why or maybe she just misses me. There is one part of her bottom gum that is so swollen it looks like it's going to pop so I think she may have her first tooth any day now!

Here are a couple of new pictures:

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She's adorable! Can't believe our babies are playing with toys already!

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Sophia is adorable!

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Such a cutie! Caleb loves his jumperoo too. I hope Sophia's tooth shows up soon. Caleb cut his first one yesterday and has seemed a bit happier today :).