Childbirth classes this weekend!!

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Childbirth classes this weekend!!

I start my HypnoBirthing classes on Saturday and I'm so excited, but also a little nervous. I have no idea why I'm nervous though. Smile Great news though, I found out that we will be the only couple taking the class since 2 other couples had to re-schedule for various reasons. Usually one on one sessions cost double the amount, but we will be paying for just the group session and still get the one on one treatment. So starting Saturday until August 13th we will be taking classes and then August 20th is DS sibiling class so we have some busy baby planning weekends coming up! Smile

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I wish we had hypnobirthing classes around here! I am reading the book and have a soundtrack to listen too. I am taking a saturday 8 hour childbirthing class in a couple of weeks... Alot of info in one day! DS is taking a sibiling class too!

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We are starting our childbirth classes tonight as well. It's so exciting! We are getting close. :eek:

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Have a good time and learn a lot!

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Have a great time!

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KUP on how the class is. I have looked into taking it once we move but I am not sure if I would get enough out of the class to make it worth my time.