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What are you planning on getting your lo for christmas? Gillian is not getting much, so far just my pal violet, a lovey and some clothes.

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I waited to get a lot of things until he actually would use them, so I'll probably take the opportunity to get him a play mat and maybe a bumbo or entertainer or something that he can be upright in since he'll be ready for that in the coming month or so. DD wants to pick out a toy and I guess that's about it. Maybe a few new clothes to fill in the gaps of what we were given.

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Alli already has all the "big" stuff, my cousin had a baby in Jan so she is letting me borrow the jumperoo thingy and she just gave me back my bumbo from Cole. Alli got quite a bit actually, but all my kids are spoiled rotten at Christmas because they don;t really get much the rest of the yr. She got several outfits in 6-9 month size because most of her 3 month stuff is to small so we are moving up quickly, I got her a princess castle piggy bank, a lamb pillow pet, she and Cheyann got Big sis/little sis necklaces, a my 1st princess Snow White soft doll, stacking cups from IKEA, the Tangled Princess costume (this likely won't fit til next Halloween but it was like $5 at the outlet), I made her a "no sew" blanket, and the Lion King movie.....that doesnt count her stocking stuffers which is all stuff she can use now like rattles and such.

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We're getting Sophia one of those activity mats. She has one, but it doesn't have the little toys that hang above her. She loves her mobile so I know she'll enjoy that. My mom got her her first pair of panties (Tangled) which she can't wear for probably 2 years. LOL! DS is getting a Nitendo DS and some other little small toys. That boy is so spoiled!

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I guess I'm just feeling guilty that I'm spendng more on my 2 and 1 year old nephews than on Gillian, if you don't count the clothes. But then again, we have all the big stuff, a TON of toys, and even more books. I do tend to buy lots of books and toys throughout the year though.

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I ordered Callan a play gym the Lamaze Space one. Although it is his Christmas gift, I am gonna let him use it when it comes as he needs it now. Other than that he will get a few small things in his stocking like foot rattles and such, then maybe some clothes and a new grow bag. My 10 yr old is getting a kindle she is such a bookworm lol and my 4 yr old is getting a new scooter, rapunzel stuff and a variety of other things. Now Ijust have to figure out what to get DH, my sister, BIL and Dad I have no clue at all lol

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Um, well, Aidan isn't getting anything from us. There just isn't a need for it. I think the girls will pick out something small for him though. They are excited for him to get something. It will likely come from the thrift store though.

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I have no idea what i'm getting Egan. I know I have to get SOMETHING because Fiona is at an age where she'll notice and be sad if he doesn't have anything. I have a ton of baby toys, books, etc...I'm going to buy clothes in the after Christmas sales after I see what he gets for Christmas..and I gave away all my ideas (the 4 i could come up with) to my mom and I'm trying to find a couple things.
Most of the stuff we're getting are 6+month toys, but all my toys are "girl toys" so everyone is excited to get him some "boy stuff" (the fisher price learning tool bench, he got a crawling toy because it's magically the one toy i don't have, a couple cars)
Fiona wants to get him the my toy scout, so I'll probably do that and I have no idea what else.

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He's getting clothes and more practical items (i.e. paci), a Sophie the Giraffe, and maybe a few other toys that are for babies 6 months and up.

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Some thoughts

We're going to get David a tummy time mat, and we will probably put some money in his college fund. Other than that, we aren't going to get him much more.

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We got DS a train table and kitchen play set and we will get him a few little items like puzzles and clothes. As for Nicholas, probably a bumbo seat and a toy mirror and some clothes. Kinda pointless wrapping it but I'll have DS open them for him.

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Clothes and I might wrap his jumperoo thing that a friend gave us. What does a 3 month old need, really? lol

Also got both kids a monogrammed Disney blanket. S has the Minnie Mouse one and O got Mickey Mouse.

A lot of our Christmas gifts this year are 'joint' gifts to DD and him, obviously he won't be using them much right now- trampoline, hot wheels car (the in-laws got DD a barbie jeep so we will just spray paint it black or green or blue when she outgrows it and he's old enough to play with it), and a tent playground thing for the playroom.

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Aisley is getting a special doll, I said the day I knew she was a girl I wanted to get it. Its a madame alexander huggums doll.

Hayden wants a brown bear, dalmation stuffed animal, coloring stuff

Elijah wants a remote control helicopter, posters for his room, and a happy napper.

Easy this year!!!

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So far Caleb is getting a lovey, and a play mat. I never used a playmat/ baby gym thing with my other 2, honestly I never saw much point to them! But I couldn't think of anything else to get him so who knows he might like it. We just have EVERYTHING else and my other 2 would be so upset if Santa didn't bring Caleb anything hehe. I'll fill in the rest with clothes, since him and Christian were born at different times of the year I need to fill in some stuff.

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Zaylee already has plenty since Zara is onli 1. Some things she has two of bc of shower gifts and such. So she won't be getting anything. That sounds bad lol. So maybe some rattles.

Zara on the other hand...SPOILED! She wants an IPad haha. I'm trying to talk DH into getting her a DS instead or just not getting her one but he's tired of her playing/messing up ours.