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Anyone have a colicky baby? I think my LO has colic... Every night for the last week he cries inconsolably from about 9-11pm and he seems to be so uncomfortable. His face turns red, he holds his breath, jerks and stiffens up his body, swings his arms and his stomach gets tight and big. Gas drops don't help. I read online about colic and my LO fits the description. For the first time since he was born im finally tired and feel like I have a newborn. In the begining I was so excited not to be pregnant I think I was operating off of the adrenaline and excitement. It has all cought up to me now, I'm TIRED!!!! Plus my other two LO's keep me soooo busy and you add a now real fussy baby to the mix and it gets worse. Im going to try and give him gripe water tonight and see if it helps. I should have know he was going to have a sensitive stomach because when I was pregnant he didnt tolerate much.

Anyone have any helpful tips???

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DD was colicky for awhile - I swapped her to sensitive formula and watched what I ate for breast feeding. I also found that helping her pass the gas helped. You can bicycle their legs, hold them belly down on your forearm, etc. Good luck, thankfully it does pass.

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With my eldest, I found gripe water worked wonders, combined with the bicycling if the legs and tummy massages.

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Check out tummy massage! So easy to do and it worked wonders on my daughter!

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Anytime my LO gets like that I massage her stomach from the back. The soft spot below their ribcage is their stomach. Just hold him as if your burping him and use 2 fingers to massage the soft spot on his right side, your left. I read this in a book after I had DS and its worked wonders! Prevents spitting up as well.

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My first dd had colic and it was definitely no fun for all of us! The book "The happiest baby on the block," was what helped us the most. It talks about 5 easy things you can do to help your baby. It truly did work wonders for us! Her worst crying spells were in the evening from about 7 until 9:30, but really most of the time she was awake she was pretty unhappy.