Conor Pics! ((XP))

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Conor Pics! ((XP))

Here are a few recent pictures of Conor Smile

Sleeping on me

His pathetic face - adorable!

Wearing his little winter hat in his car seat

Another hat picture - this one with ears!

Mr. Smiley strikes!

Mr. Smiley strikes again!

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Aww! He's adorable!

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He's so precious!

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Such a cutie!!!

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So cute! He's got great cheeks like Kessler. Love seeing new pics of everyone's little babes!

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I love the first one where he's sleeping. Very cute!! Smile

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He's so cute! TFS!

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Lisa I came looking for you Biggrin Conor is SOOOO cute a late CONGRATS!!!! I also sent you a PM