cooing and smiling!!!

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cooing and smiling!!!

Aisley started smiling and cooing this past week, she turned a month old yesterday. Its soooo cute, I can't handle it. Just had to share.

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Love the interactions we're starting to get! Baby smiles are the best!

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Love it!!! Allison smiles and talks all the time.

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Owen started smiling at his daddy late last week. Today he's been all smiles all day long. So sweet!

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Gotta love it! Conor has been cooing and smiling for awhile now.. it's so cute, DH says to him "Are you going to talk to me before I have to go to work?" and Conor says "ah goo!" heheheheheh Smile

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We get some on occasion, but not as much as I hoped for by now. I know he'll start doing more and more though. Congrats on baby smiles and coos. They are fun.

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Isn't it the greatest?? Smile Sophia gets real still, stares at my face and then smiles real big. LOL! It's like she has to concentrate or something. I also love when I'm talking to her and she watches my mouth then she starts moving her lips like she's trying to talk too. I can't wait until she starts belly laughing!

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Still Not Cooing but Smiling

David is six and a half weeks old and he just started smiling about a week ago. No cooing yet, but I can't hardly wait!

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I love baby smiles. I got my first laugh a few weeks ago and I think baby laughs are the only things cuter than baby smiles.

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Oh my gosh I love baby smiles and laughs! And their first little "ah goo"s are just the best! Its so much fun talking to them at this age.