Couple questions......

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Couple questions......

1. I found the material I bought when Cole was born to make my own Moby.......only I was bigger then and it wasn't long enough so I never used it. Annnnnnnyway I'm smaller now so it works BUT when I have Alli in the newborn hold How should her legs/feet be? Last night I just had them kinda bent at the knees and up under her (think fetal position). My mom insisted it didn't look comfortable while I thought she was fine (she wasn't fussing). Mom wasn't rude or insistent about it but I thought I'd ask just to be sure Smile

2. So I Bfed Alli just for the first 4 days then became worried because she wasn't peeing...she went about 16 hours with NO wet dipes. Anyhow so on day 5 my milk came in and I was very uncomfortable but we were done. Well my boobs are STILL leaking. Not bad enough for pads but if she cries and I don't have a bra on= wet spot on my shirt.....also I can still squeeze some out. Anyhow there have been a few times when I've let her try to BF and she actually still will and knows what to question is. If I let her start BFing again will I get more milk? Or did I miss my opportunity?

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I can only answer for the milk and the answer is yes! You'll have to stimulate a lot but it will come back! In fact, adoptive mothers are able to breastfeed with a little work!!

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1) yes, that's the right looks uncomfortable, but for a few months it's actually the most comfortable position for them. (it's called putting them in 'frog leg position i believe) It's comfortable because that's often how they were in the womb. Smile

2) possible, yes. Easy, no. Nurse every chance you get (before you give bottles) and if you have a pump pump any chance you get. Fenugreek (you're supposed to take it until you smell like maple syrup) can help too. Also eat a lot of (real) oatmeal. (not instant). make sure you're drinking enough water and eating enough calories too.

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1) Yes, at this stage you want their legs froggied while being carried.

2) It is absolutely possible to still nurse. It won't be easy, but is doable. Remember that your supply is based onn supply and demand. The more Alli tells your body she needs, the more your body will make. As Annmarie said, nurse before bottles, and pump any chance you get.

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1) Froggy style! Just think of how they curl their legs up naturally most of the time anyway. This is definitely better for them than spread apart because they are too small for that right now.

2) absolutely you can relactate and breastfeed again. You may have to go the extra mile to really get a good supply back, but my lactation consultant AND one of my online friends are adoptive moms and breastfeed without needing to supplement.
There are herbs and foods you can consume to up your supply, as well as lots of stimulating will help. The more you let her suck, the more milk your breasts will produce.

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looks like you got a lot of great answers to your questions

as for #2, Robbie was a preemie and I had gallstone surgery when he was 10 days old, BF was just not working for us, then at 15 days old my milk was coming super fast and Robbie would have nothing to do with my breasts (was pumping before), I could hand express more then I used to get from hospital grade pumps :eek: (I was hand expressing 10+ oz and had been getting about 5oz with the pump). I eventually gave up but it is totally possible and I did nothing special to get my milk flowing that much.

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With DS, I regretted not bfing at about 2 months and I mentioned it to my pediatrician. At this time I was still able to squeeze a little milk out, but not much. My pediatrician said that it was still possible for me to breastfeed and told me to start pumping and letting him nurse constantly until my milk came back. She said it was take lots of patience and determination, but it's possible and told me about the adoptive mothers who are able to breastfeed their baby. I didn't do it since I was on unpaid maternity leave and had little money to make a last minute purchase on an expensive pump. I say nurse on demand and pump in between! I drink milkmaid tea that I purchased from babies r' us and it seems to have boost my supply so you may even try that.

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#2- Your milk supply will go off of how much she's taking in. So I'd think that if you start BF'ing her again now then your supply will go up with her demand.

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