Crash landing- our 'unassisted' hospital birth and the days after

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Crash landing- our 'unassisted' hospital birth and the days after


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Wow ... first off, I'm am so grateful to hear that you are both doing well. He is gorgeous! I cannot believe your nurse would leave you alone when you were so clearly in a hard transition. Take your time healing emotionally :openarms:

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I had two very traumatic births (my first child and my daughter last year). It was one of the reasons I chose to go directly to a csection this time. You may not know this but many women suffer from post traumatic stress after childbirth and it is normal and you can get help for it. I saw a wonderful therapist the past year to help me deal with the ptsd symptoms I was dealing with. I truly hope you are able to heal quickly and feel good again... I had a really fast painful birth and it put me into orbit with the pain so I know exactly what you are describing. You'll find many people will tell you "you are so lucky to have had such a fast birth" and it can be frustrating because a fast birth is an extremely painful way to deliver. Your baby is beautiful, can't wait to see more pics!

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Congratulations on the birth of your son. He is absolutely beautiful, even with the bruising. I am so sorry that your labor and delivery was so dramatic. I am glad your mother can stay with you for awhile. I hope that you get well soon, over the sickness and some of the pain. I'm thinking of you!

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Thanks for sharing your story with us! I pray you are able to heal quickly and hopefully sharing your story will aid in the process Smile

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I hope you have a speedy recovery, physically and emotionally. Your LO is super cute, even with all the bruising!

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Wow! What a crazy experience. I'm so glad that your little boy is doing well. It's wild that things like that can still happen in L&D. You would think they would know that every woman is different and if you were at an 8, someone should have been right there calling your dr. So sorry that you had such a traumatic experience. He really is beautiful even with the bruised face. That's awesome that your mom is able to stay with you. Take good care of yourself and KUP on how you're doing!

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First, I am glad you and your beautiful son are doing well. Secondly, OMG. I hope you have a smooth recovery.

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Thanks for sharing your story! Congrats on having a beautiful baby boy! Hope you have a speedy recovery.

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Congrats on your baby boy and he is beautiful!! So happy that you got the drug free birth, but sorry it was so traumatic. Sophia was somewhat born in a similar way. I was 9 CM and still had just a lip of cervix left, baby was at 0 station, but as soon as they broke my water she came down that birth canal fast and just slipped right out so I know exactly what you mean by not even pushing. The contractions basically pushed her out for me which is actually what HypnoBirthing teaches you so I guess I did something right. Smile Hope you have a speedy recovery!!

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Wow wow wow! I sure hope things go smoothly for you from now on, you deserve it!!! I have long long labors so I have dreamed of this 3rd baby coming faster but geez nothing like that! If nothing else it is a great story that your Mother caught your baby! So glad you are all ok, I hope your healing goes faster than you expect and you are back to yourself soon!

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Wow what a crazy birth story. I'm glad to hear that you and baby are ok. My first birthing experience was incredibly traumatic and it took me a while to deal with emotional aspect of it. Huge hugs to you.

He is a beautiful baby!

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I'm so sorry you ended up with such a scary situation for the birth of your baby!! Sad Thankfully all seems to be well with the baby now. My baby also shot out like a rocket at birth, so live babies do indeed enter the world that way. I'm so sorry this birth and the days after have been difficult. I hope you are able to feel more peace about the whole experience with each passing day, and enjoy your LO.

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HOLY CRAP!!! That's all I can say! Well and congratulations!!! He is perfecT!!!!