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I finally got my very first craving! A peanut butter shake!!! It was so yummy! I made SO go get it for me! I told him to get used to it because I am sure I will have more! I wish my craving was something better then a shake, but maybe the baby was craving peanut butter?
Just so happy to have a craving after months of food aversion!
Anyone else have cravings now that we are all getting out of the first trimester?

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I had my first REAL craving on Saturday. I saw a Starbucks cup and started craving a caramel frappuccino and I never drink those. I mean I was craving it bad like I searched all over until I found a starbucks. LOL! I ordered a venti (decaf of course) and sucked that thing down!

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I've had massive cravings for subway recently ... I get them to microwave my meat, and it is sooooo good.

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All I want to eat is fruit (with chamoy!), but I wouldn't call it a craving. It's just the only thing that sounds good to me. It was the same with my other 2 as well. I would crave various things but I ate my weight in watermelon with DS and 3 or 4 pears a day with DD.

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"wobbs" wrote:

I've had massive cravings for subway recently.

Me too!!! I've also been LOVING fruit, especially grapes!

I craved peanut butter with DS...I wanted it on everything! lol

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I have been craving subway too! I also want sour patch kids all the time.