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That there are BFPs on Feb 2012........and that there are July 2011 mommas thinking they will give birth in the next couple weeks........Is it just me or does it feel like WE JUST got BFPs ourselves????

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I saw some of those too. It is totally crazy. Cannot believe how fast this pg is going. October will be here before we all know it.

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Touchwood!!! it feels like a dream!!

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This pregnancy is going WAY faster than my first!

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Being my first, I feel like the second trimester is going WAY faster than the first. Our little pumpkin pies will be here before we know it!

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In some ways, it really does seem like it's going faster than my first. I'm half way through... crazy! But, when I was sick on the couch for all those months, it didn't feel very fast. Wink

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I think the second trimester is flying! I can't tell if it's because my life has gotten so much busier or if that's just what pregnancy is like.

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I hate the way it flies by! I love being pregnant and I don't want it to end!

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I can't believe how quickly time is flying by as well, way faster this time.

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And August now had their 1st baby........

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Oh that is way too early. Hope baby is ok.