Daddy felt his baby girl!!!

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Daddy felt his baby girl!!!

After last night sono, confirming that yes, she is a girl and perfect, baby was going bonkers in my belly. I could see her moving from the outside! she was sticking her tiny little hiny out just under my belly button, and boy did that feel weird!

so my husband was trying to feel her move with his hand but somehow couldnt so he laid his cheek on my belly and she was kicking him like crazy!

I cant believe how high my uterus is already! exactly at my belly button! you can even feel that hard ridge, so weird!

anyway, wanted to share this exciting milestone!

eta** my placenta is posterior, so im thinking the people at the 3D place were wrong since its only been a week since they said it was anterior.

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I just posted something on the chat thread about how high I am feeling kicking too. Weird! DH felt Sophia kick last week and she kicked DS in the face the other day. LOL! It's so great when they can finally feel something too. It makes it feel like they can experience a part of the pregnancy now instead of just me. Smile

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My placenta is anterior, so while I feel him move and kick a lot, it's more rare for others to be able to feel it. However, DH felt him kicking the other day! I am looking forward to DD being able to feel him, too Smile

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YAY! I'm hoping my husband can feel her kicking sometime soon. I swear anytime we try to feel her from the outside, she stops. So at night I put my hand on my belly trying to fall asleep, haha!

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Aw congrats! Feeling them move is one of the best parts!

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That's awesome! I can't wait for DD to be able to feel DS.

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That's awesome! DH hasn't felt this one move yet, but dd keeps getting kicked when she comes in for snuggles.