Darcy's Birth Story

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Darcy's Birth Story

Darcy Helen
Born: Wednesday 9/28/11 11:51 am
Due Date: 10/7/11
7 lbs 3 oz.
20.5 inches
At my 36, 37 and 38 week appointments I had been 1 cm at each of them. I was certain I’d go to my 39 week appointment on Thursday and MAYBE go between 39 and 40 weeks, but was also geared up to be late. The week started out rough, Monday I stayed home with Carlin because I thought he had an ear infection – turned out just to be some serious wax build up bothering him, but it was a busy day taking him to the chiropractor and then the doctor. Tuesday he went back to school and about an hour later we got a call that another kid fell on him and he wasn’t using his arm. So I met Steve at the pediatrician with him where they sent us for X Rays. So after trying to find somewhere to take the X Rays – turns out it wasn’t broken and most likely sprained. So back to work for me for the afternoon. It was honestly the first time I had felt uncomfortable and I thought that I probably only had a couple more days I would be able to work from the office because I just wasn’t comfortable. I was having some back pain, but I had been toting around a 33 lb toddler for 2 days. So got home that night and was just tired so I went to bed early.

3 am I woke up having to go to the bathroom. When I laid back down I noticed I was having contractions and that they seemed really strong that I had to breathe through them. So I started timing them and they were about 5 minutes apart. I was certain it was fake labor so I woke up Steve to tell himI was having a lot of contractions but I was just going to take a shower – so he didn’t wake up wondering why I was taking a shower at 4 am. So that actually sped them up but shortened them. So I got out and went to the living room and they were still consistent 3-5 minutes and strong for about a minute each, but I was comfortable between them so I kept saying “if next one is strong I’ll call”. I really didn’t want to go in for fake labor and Steve was so busy with work I didn’t want him to have to be out for another half day if it was fake. But finally I called the dr. at 5 30 and she said to come in. But I was still holding out but I got Steve up around 6 and called my mom at 6 30 (it was her 60th birthday). So my mom got there at 7 and we were off to to the hospital. They checked me at 7 45 and I was 4 cm and had me walk for an hour … ugh I hate that!! So I walked and they were getting closer and I was so uncomfortable. Finally after an hour around 9 they checked again and I was 6 and being admitted! They asked what my pain medication plan was and I said and epidural so they said “well we better hurry up!” So they started the IV and at about 10 I got the epidural – oh sweet relief! Around 10 45 the baby was having some heat rate issues so the nurse and the doctors all kept coming in to check what was going on – they thought my water broke and that was causing it but it didn’t so they checked and I was about 8 cm with a bulging sack so they broke my water in hopes to move it along because they wanted the baby out. They put the heart rate monitor on her head so they could get a better track on her. They kept checking me and switching me on my sides to get me to 10 and gave me Oxygen just to help us both. When I was about 9 they had me push to get the final lip gone. Around 10 45 I was 10 and they wanted me to push to get her down the birth canal – 1 push and Mary Jo the midwife got dressed and ready. I was bearing down pushing on that push and Mary Jo said “Whoa she’s got a lot of hair” I burst out laughing – I couldn’t believe they could see her already! So she got ready and the next push the nurse said the same thing and again I laughed and then Mary Jo had me pulse a push and she was out! No tears, no stitches!

We could not decide on a name and were back and forth most of the day. We had Delaney, Emmerson, Morgan, and Cameron on the list around 3 Steve started adding names – we discussed Mia and ended up putting Nina on the list and then Darcy on the list. We then narrowed down to Delaney or Darcy. My parents were coming at 5 and said we had to have a name by then and then they showed up at 4 30 so we didn’t have a name and we finally decided on Darcy Helen.

She's really doing great! Great nursing - haven't had to supplement yet like I did with the boys. And she sleeps pretty good! I really can't complain! This is the only picture I have on my computer - I'll have to get more up soon.

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congrats!!! can't wait to see pics.

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She's gorgeous! Love the name!

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Congrats and Welcome Darcy!!

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She's so adorable! Sounds like we had a somewhat similar experience, with the heart decels, oxygen, etc.

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Congrats! I love the name you decided to go with Smile

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:lurk: Love it! Beautiful girl! (You should go c&p this for the other girls, you know!)

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What a wonderful birth story! She's gorgeous! Congrats on baby Darcy :)!

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Congrats!! Welcome Darcy!

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Congratulations!!! WTTW Darcy! She's adorable! Biggrin

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Congrats on your little girl!! Love her name!!

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Congrats. Darcy is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby. We didn't have a name until he was born either.

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Wonderful story... congrats!!

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Congrats! She is beautiful

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Such a cute name! Congrats on the new addition and also not having to suppliment. That's a big accomplishment!