Dear Pregnancy,

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Dear Pregnancy,

Can I please have my brain back? I swear I would forget my head if it were not attached these days. Please tell me it gets better?!:eek:

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Sorry to tell you that it does not get better. Wink I think the baby steals some of you brain function! I think it is the lack of focus that I am missing.

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It took so long for me to get my brain back from DS! After you have them, you are so sleep deprived that brain function goes right back out the window! lol

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I forgot what I was going to say....

I was going to post something but it totally slipped my mind....:) I know exactly how you feel, and I, too, hope that my memory improves.

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Posts: 1043 gets so much worse. Wink

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Prior to having DD, I thought people were crazy talking about baby brain. After DD, I totally understand. I've often said... I remember being so smart, what happened? Wink

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I wish I could reassure you! But for me it has only gotten worse! I was pg with DD before DS was STTN then I felt it improve a bit after DD started STTN at 12 months :rolleyes: but then 5 months later I was pregnant again and that all went out the window!