DH Has jokes!

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DH Has jokes!

I asked him how it was possible to feel baby way down by my bladder and then again up above my belly button. He giggled real evil like and held his hand up with 2 fingers. :eek: I said no, no no. Cause I've had 3 U/S's so far. What's the odds of TWO being in there? Slim to NONE! He thinks he's ohh so cute though. Seriously though, How can I feel it that low and that high at the same time? Baby isn't that BIG yet!!

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Either it was a twitch or maybe there are 2! Smile I swear I feel movement close to my ribs, but I know there is no way that it's the baby...just twitching or phantom movement from my last pregnancy. LOL!

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I think that sometimes when baby pushes on something, it sets off a chain reaction. I'll feel it several places, including up near my liver, etc.

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I had a dream of twins lastnight. I would actually be happy but my dream panicked me pretty bad. Babies can play tricks on you like that though. If you have had an u/s it is pretty unlikely but it happens that they miss it. Ya never know!

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the chain reaction bit seems probable to me....