DH is so clueless!

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DH is so clueless!

DH is sitting in his garage aka man cave drinking right now. He's been drinking since after work and clearly drunk. He knows how much that bothers me when I could go into labor anytime. What I love the most is how any other day he says that I could go into labor any minute, but when he wants to hang out he says I at least have another 3 weeks. I will never let him live this down if I go into labor tonight and have to either drive myself or ask my mom drive me! I am so mad right now!! How can he be so stupid???

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I would be pissed off too... You really could go into labor anytime. Of course, getting stressed out doesn't help either.

Must be something with the moon... My DH is doing a pretty good job of pissing me off too. He crashed his computer & now he "has" to use my really good computer for his football pool. So I go in to check his progress & he's goofing on on his fantasy football (that he can do on his phone). I know this probably sounds harsh but he has screwed up every computer we've owned so far. I just got this one not that long ago.

They really are underestimating pg hormones. Ugh!

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I remember being furious with DH about this once when I was over due with DD! Then he said she probably wasn't coming anytime soon anyways and that set me off in hysterics! The last thing you wanna hear when you're over due, burning up in August, is the baby isn't coming out anytime soon!


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We are out tonight at a leaving party for a co-worker of DH's and the only reason he wants me to go is to be his designated driver. He has been warned though so we will see how much he drinks.

I had to have the stroppy wife conversation with him this week about his cellphone though. DH does karate and MMA and usually leaves his phone at home. I told him that had to stop he had to take it with him and leave it turned on. He didn't get it until I got mad lol His Sensei has two kids, anyway he finally did talk to him about it and of course he understood. But what made me mad was DH was so blaze about it and wasn't going to take his phone.

Ugh men lol

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If my DH did that, I'd be beyond furious! You'd think they could be a little more thoughtful :/

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As much as it sucks being a single momma there are some times when I am quite happy being one Smile

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Sorry your DH is being a butthead. It's entirely unfair that men can get that last bit out of their system right before baby comes. By the time we get a BFP it's too late for the "last night out with the girls" kind of thing.
Mine has been pretty good lately. I'm sure I'll be freaking out when harvest starts and he's gone 15 hours in a day. There are places where they farm that there is no cell service. Luckily I can get ahold of the farmer's wife and she can alway reach them over the farm radio.

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Sorry he's being such a butthead. Mine does have his moments, but nothing too bad. The mean part of me would make him do tons of little annoying things today while he's not feeling too good. Just hoping for me that if I do go into labor while he's at work it's not too hard to convince his boss to let him go then and there, not an hour + from when I phone.

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He finally came to bed at 3am. Our bedroom is above the garage and he said he could hear me walking around all night. I told him that I had a backache and couldn't get comfortable and I just couldn't stop peeing. He said that its all in my head. What?!?! I was finally able to fall asleep at 5 am and DS is up now so I only had 4 hours of sleep while DH is snoring away. He was up most of the night sick because he drank too much! So if I did go into labor not only would he had been unable to drive me, but he wouldn't have even been in the delivery room. We are definitely going to have a talk today! Grrrr!

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I think you have every right to be ticked off. My DH decided to make a dr's appt up in Iowa in a couple of weeks, where he'll have to be gone a couple of nights. Great timing... too bad he was due for an appt in APRIL! I guess now just seems like the right time for him to go. Sometimes they just don't think....

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I can't imagine dealing with this... to me it's completely unacceptable. I hope things improve!

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We talked and he apologized saying that he didn't really think about the consequences if I was to go into labor while he has been drinking. He owns his own business and said he was just really stressed about work and wanted to unwind. He promised not to drink again until after the baby is born. Tomorrow is of course the start of football so I told him that I didn't have a problem with him having a beer or two watching the game, just don't get drunk. He's a lightweight so one to two beers will be enough for him. LOL! He would be so mad if he knew I said that. Smile

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Glad you didn't go into labor. Just like you said men are so clueless sometimes. And congrats on being 37 weeks!!!

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Men really are total idiots. If I were you and I went into labor, I would drive myself and leave his @ss at home lol...

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Yeah men are just dumb. Luckily my DH has been so swamped with work he's been up till 1 or 2 every night working so he hasn't had any sort of energy to drink ...