Diaper Party Idea

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Diaper Party Idea

Thought I would pass along an idea that a friend of mine used. Instead of a baby shower, they had a Diaper Party at their house. It was coed. The hosts supplied a keg & food and asked their guests to bring diapers as their "admission". It turned out great for them but it would probably depend on your exact circle of friends. He's military and invited all his buddies. Biggrin They got a ton of diapers though. Just thought I would share since so many of us are BTDT moms.

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Thats such a good idea. My mom and her sister threw my shower for DS and in the invitation my aunt wrote a little poem and included something about diapers. So of course everyone brought diapers. We ended up with so many diapers in size nb, 1, and 2 I couldn't use them all. I wanted to CD but didn't start until DS was out of 2s because they were free! Unfortunately he was a big baby so they didn't last long. I ended up giving the left overs to my aunt whose baby was ~6 months younger than DS and she gave the left overs to another mom she knew. The diapers I got from the shower diapered 3 babies until size 3!

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We did a diaps and wipes party at one of the schools I worked at for a BTDT mom. Each grade level was assigned a size.. (K had newborn, 1 had 1, 2 had 2, etc..) and some people were assigned bath stuff. It came out really well, and I don't think she bought a single diaper until her second was in size 4!

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My friend did that! Well all the girls went to the shower at one place, and the father had a party for all the guys at his house. He had beer and food, and everyone brought different size diapers. It worked out really well for her!