docs advice for my tummy-update sunday

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docs advice for my tummy-update sunday

she said to not eat anything with fat, drink as much as possible, and try keopectate (sp?)

also, if it doesnt get better ina day or 2 go to the er. she is on a plane headed out of town.

so im going to stick with oatmeal, yogurt, and fruit and see how it works. and gatorade.

well, nothing has improved yet Sad I haven't gone to see the doc yet and I REALLY want to avoid the er, but dh is very concerned. I have been avoiding greasy and super fatty foods, but it seems everything seems to be bothering me to a certain degree. I'll call my doc back in the morning and see what she wants me to do.

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Awe I really hope it gets better!

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HUGS! I answered your pm.

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"mom2robbie" wrote:

HUGS! I answered your pm.

while I was having the severe cramps I was trying to locate where the pain was worst, but it seemed even across my abdomen...not specifically on the right side. but...during week4 of this pregnancy, I had a week of horrible pain just under my rib cage, which I just read could also be a sign.

I haven't eatin anything that should cause an issue today, so we'll see how tonight goes. If I have the same issues tonight then Ill take myself in, in the morning.

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Feel better girl!!

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Ugh, I sure hope it works and that you feel better soon!

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Hope you feel better soon! :openarms:

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Yikes! Feel better!

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I was really hoping that the diet change would make a big difference for you. I'm sorry that things are still bothering you. Feel better!