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Doctor Appointment Updates


Its been quite an eventful week. Went back to the hospital Tuesday night for my second injection of steriods. While there they hooked me back up to the monitor and more contractions. Nothing like spending two evenings in the hospital. We finally got home after midnight after contractions were stopped. Wednesday was uneventful. Thursday baby decides he is not going to be very active and I am also spotting. Went to the doctor once again. Had an ultrasound. Little guy is doing great. 3 lbs 6 oz right now. Body is right on track but is head is measuring two weeks big. No change in cervix so everything looked good and I made it home without another trip to the hospital! Still on bedrest with another follow up appointment on Monday.

Sorry it has been a long time since I posted on here. It has really been crazy for me. I have been on bedrest since July 21st and in the hospital overnight twice now for contractions. I am only 30 week now. I went back for my now weekly follow up appointment yesterday and I ended up back at the hospital for contractions. In the office they did check me and I was closed. When I got to the hospital they gave me my first dose of medicine to stop the contractions. The last two visits this worked. I continued to contract and they checked me again. I am no longer closed and thick but was only a fingertip or so dilated. Kind of scary to be dilating this early in the game. It took an additional two doses of medicine to stop the contractions. They did give me an injection of steriods and I have to go back to the hospital tonight to have another one. Boy do those injections hurt. The nurse said it is only going to get worse from here on out on trying to stop my contractions to prevent full labor. Baby has been breach until yesterday. He is now head down but very low. Both the doctor and nurse said they could easily feel his head. Answered my questions as to why I was feeling so much pressure.

The couch has became my best friend. I have been making little girls hair bows to stay occupied. I think I have made my girls 30 plus ribbons and still have a ton of ribbon. Going to start making extras for my daughter to give as gifts.

Being on bed rest is rough right now. It is our state fair and I have never missed it since I was little. My daughter was supposed to dance on Friday but I am not able to take her now. She is a little disappointed. Shaylee also starts Kindergarten in less than two weeks. I have all kinds of stuff left to do for that. I am so glad I have a supportive husband to help out with that but it just stuff I feel I should be doing. In addition to that we still need to get the nursery done. I was debating on colors for the room. Guess I should have been more proactive.

Since there is a good chance that I will deliver preterm I have packed the baby bag and my bag is pretty much ready as well. I just have to throw in my outfits when it is time to go.

If anybody has any suggestions to stay busy while on bedrest I would appreciate the ideas.

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Sorry you're having such a rough go at it this time :openarms: As far a getting stuff done, just delegate what needs to be done. You could try a new craft, read, watch movies. Keep that baby baking!

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So sorry you are having such a hard time. Keep resting!

My suggestions... read, if you have a smartphone or netbook... you could play games or check out sites like pintrest... it has gained quite a bit of popularity lately... it has all kinds of pages of crafty stuff/info. Get your camera out & take pics from the couch of your daughter... experiment with different settings.

Good luck!!!

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reading, TV , internet , music............... these are the things which are top of the mind .. happy resting.... Smile

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Ugh, bed rest stinks! I'm sorry you're going to miss the fair, but just think next year you can bring your LO there! I say if you get bored with tv, definitely try some crafts. I'm sorry I don't have more suggestions, I don't get a lot of free time.