Does a bruise on your belly mean anything?

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Does a bruise on your belly mean anything?

I noticed while getting ready that I have a small bruise (quarter size) near my belly button. I don't remember hitting it. Baby is moving. Does it mean anything?

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A bruise is a pool of blood from a popped blood vessel. It could very well just be from growth, like a stretch mark. You may have bumped it and since your stomach is tighter it made the vessel pop, when it normally wouldn't.

I wouldn't worry unless a bunch more showed up.

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I agree, I wouldn't worry unless there are other symptoms like pain present. You probably just bumped your belly on something or he kicked you hard in that spot.

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I have the same thing. I posted a while back about having a tender spot about the size of a quarter above my belly button. Now there's a (barely noticeable) bruise. I had an OB appointment on Tuesday and I forgot to ask about it, but I'm sure he saw it when he measured my belly, I'd assume he would have asked if it had meant something bad?

ETA- I'm not sure if it's a BRUISE bruise, or if it's blood vessels that are more visible now that my belly is bigger AND blood volume is up (making blood vessels more noticeable).

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I have this same bruise under my belly button with no pain. It has been there awhile and my OB has seen it and didn't say anything about it. It's probably normal and nothing to worry about.

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Me, too....

I have a dime size "discoloration" almost right on top of my belly button. Since the stretch marks I've developed seem to only occur around my belly button, I figure that it is bruising from the skin trying to stretch and having a difficult time of it. I agree with everyone else, though. I wouldn't worry about it unless it hurt.

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Thanks ladies! I probably just bumped into something or DD got me while wiggling. It surprised me when I saw it in the mirror.