Dr Apt today

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Dr Apt today

I have my doctor apt this morning at 10:15 CST. I am not sure if I have an U/S scheduled. I know that they are doing more testing so I am hoping that I get to see the little one.

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Good luck with your appt. Hope you get to see that little one Smile

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Oooohhh GL, fingers crossed for an u/s!

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good luck! What are they testing you for?

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hope you get a u/s!! My doc's office doesnt do them, I have to go an hour away to a hospital for it, so annoying!

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I got to see the little one but only for a second. I could not really see the screen but the Dr said that she could not tell if the little one was a boy or girl. Baby was sitting on my cervix with its legs together. I now have to wait a month for the next U/S. Good news is DH will be there for this one and I hope we get to find out then. Heart rate was 150s.

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glad it all worked out and went smoothly...that's nice that you got to see your LO even if it was quickly.

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Glad DH gets to go when you find out the gender!