Egan's birthstory and update on us

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Egan's birthstory and update on us

So, I didn't realize this was so if you get through it thanks. Smile

So we get to the ER right before 5:00. They call up to labor and delivery and they send us upstairs and straight to a room. I get to the room, go put the gown on and get into bed. I have two nurses, one is making sure all my information is correct in the computer and the other is getting my IV in. So this is when it first gets interesting. Apparently I have "valvey veins' whatever the heck that is. What it means is I get stuck with an IV needle and then they wiggle it around a while. Then talk about if it's a "good stick" or not. Then they try to push the fluid and realize it's not working. So that happens again. Then the other nurse tries. They then go and get another two nurses to try. Luckily after bleeding all over the place, fifth time is the charm and they get a good vein. By then it's about 6:00 am. They said anesthesia will be around in 30 minutes or so. They come by around 6:20 to talk. Around 6:40 the nurse anethesist comes by and starts getting ready to roll us down to the OR.
When we get there, it seems like forever while everyone was prepping. The CRNA kept talking to me and explaining what was going on, but I kept telling her I was cool since this was my 3rd time.
Finally the Anesthesiologist put the medicine in. It was really slow to work, I remember it working much faster before. Everyone told me he did a really good job though and I had the "perfect" dose since I was able to move faster.
Once that was done, they started getting all the drapes ready and prepping everything. They had to put some oxygen on me because my BP went down a bit too far. About that time I started to feel kind of sick and told the CRNA and I gagged, but she put something in my IV and I felt better immediately. (yay for making it through 3 pregnancies and deliveries and NO PUKE!)
They tell me that he's going to work on opening me up, then they'll bring in my husband. It seemed like FOREVER (everything feels like forever when you're immobile naked on a bed awake with people cutting you open I guess...) I really do wish I would have watched the clock more during some of the surgery so I had a better concept of how long it took. They finally let DH in and they start trying to work the baby out. This is when things got scary.
The last two deliveries as soon as this happened, their heads popped out (says DH at least) and they started to cry. This time...not so much. Another time I wish I would have watched the clock.
I can hear my doctor giving instructions to the nurse that is helping him and he's telling her how to push to get the baby to come down. He tells me the baby has a giant head and he's having some trouble working him out. After a bit of this, my doctor starts telling the nurse that she's not doing it at the right angle, and he shows her how to push down on top to push the baby down at an angle. Still not working. (this repeats a few times) So he asks for one of the suction things to put on his head to pull him out. First, no one in the OR knew what he was looking for. He went on a rant about surgical nurses that specialize in heart surgery working during a c-section and this is why it wasn't a good idea to rotate nurses. He finally finds what he needs. Yeah, that didn't work either. Apparently I had "a ton of fluid" and it was causing the suction to not hold. I'm really starting to panic JUST A BIT now. So is DH. I'm trying to be calm, and all I can think of is they're going to have to make him leave, knock me out, and cut me open worse to get this baby out of me. The CRNA keeps apologizing for the way they're having to push on me and I tell her "I can't feel anything AT ALL. Push harder, please just get him out". Finally she asks my doctor if she can apply pressure under the drape and he tells her "yes, please JUST DO IT" I'm pretty sure that's what worked and his head finally popped out. They pull him out (which also took a while), and he's not crying at all. I can see he's kind of greyish and they're assessing his APGAR and I know it's not a good one and I'm just thinking 'cry. cry. cry'. He gurgles a little and the CRNA assures me that's a good sign and they'll have him breathing and screaming in no time. DH is next to him and keeps looking at me and he's obviously freaked out. FINALLY he cries. His apgars were 2 and 9. Scariest thing ever. No one tells you they can get stuck when having a c-section. My doctor told me on my discharge day that in 25 years this is only the second time that's ever happened to him. Egan was born at 7:38 (so about an hour from the time I got back to the OR). He was 8lbs, 5 oz and 20in long. Which apparently is gigantic for my body. Almost a whole lb bigger than Rowynn and more than 1.5lb bigger than Fiona. Plus he was .5in longer than Rowynn and .75in longer than Fiona. They kept him in the OR a while because they were trying to make sure his color and breathing were good and all. They brought him to me for a bit, then took him back to the room while they finished stitching me back up. I was back to my room by 8, so it didn't take long at all. Which was good, because I really just wanted to go back to make sure my baby was okay.
He looked absolutely wonderful when we got back to the room and you couldn't even tell that he had any problems. They told me once he got his body temp up that I could try to nurse him, and that took another 20 or 30 minutes. He immediately latched, and everyone commented on what a good nurser he was already. Smile About 15 minutes after that the girls came and were SO FREAKING HAPPY to see their little brother.
My doctor swears between the size of the baby and my fluid that I was diabetic, even though I passed the 3hr test (better than I did with the first baby in fact). Also Egan's blood sugar numbers were absolutely perfect, so I'm really doubting that theory. I just think he was big and I had a lot of fluid and I'm a tiny person. I had some problems keeping my oxygen levels up since I had a mild cold when I went in. They talked about putting me on oxygen to sleep (because every time I drifted to sleep my levels would drop to 94, which would set off the alarm and wake me up) but the night nurse changed my monitor and set it to 90 and said it looked fine.
I was able to get up 12 hours after surgery and I was able to have a shower about 24 hours after surgery. I really think this was my best recovery yet. I was out of the hospital on Wed around noon (it took them FOREVER to send me a wheelchair...we waited an hour and a half) and I took a pain pill Saturday before bed around 8pm and didn't have to take any more. I took advil when I woke up on Sunday and when I went to sleep, but that's the last time I needed anything. It's hard to feel so good and keep telling myself not to do too much lifting wise. I also feel 150 times better than I did the last few weeks of pregnancy. I thought it was "normal" pregnancy uncomfortableness, but I really think it was worse than that now that I feel so much better. Which is why I haven't been around much. Smile
He's been an awesome baby so far. He slept A LOT so far, but would wake up when I woke him so he could eat. He was 8lbs 5 oz at birth, he was 8lbs at discharge and when we went to his 2 day check he was 8lbs 3oz. We have his 2 week appt on Monday. He's just started to wake up and look around during the day. He was waking up about once a night (and I'd wake him up another time) but lately he's been waking up about 3 times (the last two days).
DH went back to work last night, and everything went really well. Hopefully I'll be able to check in a little more. Smile

Oh, pictures. Smile

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Egan is a sweetie! Egan is actually a family name on my mom's side.

My one sister had a 8lb baby after having two 6 lbers, her OB described his birth as a mac truck coming out of a volkswagon...I think this is an appropriate description for Egan's birth as well.

Glad it everything turned out ok.

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Scary at first, but beautiful ending!! He is adorable and has so much hair!! TFS!!

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Glad everything turned out so well. He's a cutie!

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Congratulations on your little guy! I'm sure that c section was scary, but it sounds like the end result was perfect.

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what a cutie!!

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He's so precious! TFS!

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wow. who was your doc?? an apgar of 2 would've scared the crap out of me!

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OMG he's absolutely beautiful!! I'm so glad everything worked out in the ER, I would have been freaked out, too! Congrats on your precious little man!

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So happy for you that in the end it all turned out ok. I can't imagine how scared you were hearing all of that going on! congrats and he's a cutie!

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Sounds like you had a scare there but I'm glad all turned out ok. Egan is adorable!!!

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Thanks everyone. Smile

"rbrooks14332" wrote:

wow. who was your doc?? an apgar of 2 would've scared the crap out of me!

Dr. G again. He was PISSED too. I know him fairly well and he was good about not panicking and I thought he had it together pretty well. But I knew he was seriously mad at the way things were going down. He told me later that in like, 20 years that was only the 2nd time that had ever happened. I didn't know it was a 2 until we were back to the room..but I wasn't terribly surprised either.

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Okay, I couldn't remember who you said your doc was. Yeah he's not one I'd want to piss off, that's for sure! Seems like he could really put someone in their place :eek:

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Wow what a stressful birth! I'm sorry it was so rough! I'm glad everything turned out well though! Congrats! I'm also glad your transition to 3 kiddos has been easy :).

Luckily my section went smoothly but it was similar to yours in that I had way too much fluid, a huge baby and I'm tiny lol. The dr kept asking me about being diabetic too, but I wasn't. In fact my blood sugar is always on the lower end.