er visit (not for baby)

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er visit (not for baby)

I have been having some bad knee pain at night. Last night it started swelling pretty bad and after icing it for a good 30 minutes, it didnt feel better so thought I should go have it looked. I hadn't been able to get up and down the stairs at all, it was so painful!

so first of all, I just have to say this, never in my life have I dealt with such a rude triage nurse. She asked what I had been taking for pain, and I said tylenol but not alot because I was pregnant and didnt think it was a good idea. she rolls her eyes. she then says
"but you were just here in january for a miscarriage, how far along are you"
I said about 12 weeks
"thats not possible, when was your last period"
I reply, I didnt have one.

she goes on to say that she doesnt believe me and why would I get pg right away. I nearly cry by now, way to make me feel like **** when im sitting here in extreme pain.

so they bring me back and the nurse issnickering to the other nurses
"she got herself pregnant right away, she didnt even have a period, and now that she's pregnant, I dont know what she thinks we can do for her, she cant have an xray"

it took all my control to not jump out of that bed and ***** her out.

moving on....doc was worried about a blood clot or a break. they did 3 xrays and an ultrasound of my leg, all of which came back good.

its just a torn meniscus but he said that it can only be fixed with surgery but the orthopedic surgeon next week will have to decide if its neccesary.

so Im on crutches for, he said, 3 weeks, but I doubt that long. I have a knee brace on. it doesnt hurt that much during the day, just stiff, but around 4pm its bad. I only slept an hour last night because they stretched it so much last night.

I swear, this baby is causing my body to really be weird! I am normally healthy and never have problems!

ok, happy 12 weeks to me!! I am down 6 lbs and I feel awesome!!

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I don't know why some nurses ever get employed with their ****ty attitudes, I've run into a few myself and it's a bad situation because you don't want to complain hence get bad treatment!! I often tell them right off they are being rude and inappropriate and it seems to bring them down a couple pegs. I can't believe she had the audacity to speak to you like that, it's disgusting really. Always get their name and tell the doctor of your poor treatment. If enough people complain eventually they'll get concerned.

Sounds like you really do have a legitimate reason to be in pain! I've had a bad ankle for 2 years that I sprained and it still won't heal (couldn't do anything because I was pregnant with Clara/nursing and now I'm pregnant again). I've been going to physio and it's made of world of difference. Are you able to see a physiotherapist? They are great!

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Glad it's something that's manageable!!

What a b!tch that nurse was! Ugh that would have been hard for me not to cry too!

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I think what that nurse put you through was reprehensible. I worked for a couple of years in the medical malpractice insurance industry so I have some suggestions I'd like to share . I think some nurses do this stuff because they know they will never get caught. But you can report this behavior. And I encourage you to report this behavior. If you are in the U.S., every state has a nursing board that you can report this behavior to. There are also medical boards, of course, for questionable doctors. I'm pretty sure Canada has such a board if you are there, too. I would also write a letter or email to the doctor who saw you, the nurse supervisor, and even the board that oversees the clinic or hospital you visited. Such behavior is uncalled for. More importantly, it makes me question that nurse's ability to safely care for other patients. If you report her, maybe you can spare other people like you her snide comments. I'm sorry you experienced this. I think that, overall, nurses are a good, professional bunch of people. But when they're not, we have our avenues for protest.

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yeah, more then anything she just made me feel like crud. Like I was wrong and stupid for getting pg so fast. i even joked to her
"this baby just really wants to join our family"

she didnt even giggle, or smile. she was just a jerk. I AM only 27, YES this is my third, and for goodness sake why is this a bad thing??? I have been married almost 7 years, with my husband for 11. Is it so wrong to have a family young???


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What a b****!!! Talk about poor bedside manners. I feel your pain about your knee though. I have had 4 knee surgeries in the last 10 years. My most recent knee injury, I shredded my Medial patellofemoral Ligament and had to have reconstruction surgery. My doctor said that he had seen that kind of injury on only one other patient in his 20 something years of practice and it was on a professional football player!! LOL! I tore it by dislocating my knee getting off a scooter while on vacation!

I hope you feel better soon!!!

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Sorry you had to deal with someone like her. There is no reason to treat anyone that way. Hope your knee is starting to feel better.

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Please please call back there and find out if there is some sort of compliance line or patient services line you can call to and report that behavior. That was NOT okay of that nurse and she will keep doing it sadly. People are afraid to report stuff like that, but believe me, it will help. Also nice belly! I am so jealous of everyone who is popping out already! My stomach is just rolls of fat still lol.

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Report report report that nurse. No reason in hell for her to treat you that way. :angry1:

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Argh in so many ways! Argh that your knee is hurt! Argh that you might have to get a surgery! Argh at that super witchy nurse! and ARGH at being on crutches!

But wow, you look great! Nice bump!

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Wow, that nurse was unbelievable!!! So sorry you are dealing with the pain, AND you had to deal with that nurse!

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Hope you start feeling better! Sorry about that terrible nurse!

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I hope you feel better soon. It is absolutely disgusting that nurse felt she could say those things to you.

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You have more self control than I do, I would have slapped that nurse!
I really hope your knee feels better soon, as someone with a lot of knee problems, I totally empathize with you.