Eye color?

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Eye color?

Does anyone know how long it takes for a baby to establish his/her eye color?

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It depends on the color. Most babies will develop their final eye color by around 6 months, but green can take years to show.

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My eyes are greenish, and the green didn't show til I was almost 13!

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Both my older 2 have hazel brown eyes. They stopped changing about 6 months. I suspect Calebs eyes will be the same. They're still grey/blue now.

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Pretty sure Callan's will remain blue. Both his sisters have blue eyes, me and his Dad have blue eyes, my sister and parents have blue and DH's 3 siblings and his parents also have blue lol Would be a major shock if they changed.

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Both my children have brown eyes. They were both born with gray/blue and then they changed to brown at about 6 weeks.

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My eyes are dark brown and my husband's are a hazel that leans on the heavy side towards blue. But David's eyes were gray like Jennifer's children when he was born and they are still the same shade of gray. His eyes will be brown, I'm sure, but I just wonder what shade. Oh the anticipation!