false labor

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false labor

Last night contractions were 3-7 mins apart for nearly 3 hrs and stopped as soon as I went to bed. I lost what I imagine is the last of the mucus plug, so that's good. I just walked 2 miles on the beach, had some contractions during, but nothing since I got home. I am exhausted and want to go to bed but I can't handle waking at 1am for the rest of the night. Going to try and stay up till 11.

Anyone else having false labor? I'm so glad I stayed home, if I had gone to the hospital I wouldn't have been able to get a ferry back home.

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I only contracted when I walked with this one and it was real contractions as they were changing my cervix and all. Even in the hospital I continued to walk to make things progress since I wanted a completely medication free labor. If I walked I contracted, but as soon as I stopped they stopped. It was 2 hours after they broke my water(8cm, 80%, head tight against cervix, water bag bulging a LOT- it didn't seem to want to pop on its own) that contractions finally started on their own(I napped after they broke my water since I was exhausted from 4 hours of walking).

So don't discredit them, they might be getting you somewhere Wink

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I had it on Wednesday night and went to the hospital only to be sent home. It sucks!!

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I had a lot of early labor that I thought was false labor. You never know when it's working for you!

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I had a lot of that before I went into labor for real. The last 2 days I was having seriously painful contrax and bloody show but wasn't in full blown labor yet. Just keep in mind even if you're not progressing from them every contraction brings you one closer to meeting your baby! Smile

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I had it a bunch with my 3rd and 4th dd's. I would get contractions for 2-3 hours at 3-5 minutes apart, BUT they were never overly painful. Usually when it get's to the point where you can no longer walk or talk through them, then it's the real thing!

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Hope the real thing kicks into gear for you soon!

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lurker from Nov 11

I had this a couple weeks ago. Only dilated a fingertip when I went to the hospital!! They sent me home!!! Good luck.