Feeling some kicks!!

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Feeling some kicks!!

I can finally feel some movement again and it's been non-stop all day, not just sporadic!!!! Yahoo So either my anterior placenta is moving or the baby is just getting stronger. Either way, I don't care! I'm just happy to finally be able to feel the baby again after the past several weeks of nothing. Earlier it felt like she was kicking down into my cervix..very bizarre feeling. LOL!

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:woohoo: Yay! I'm so excited for you! I had a feeling around 20 weeks you'd feel her a lot more. My guess is it's because baby is stronger, just because my placenta was anterior all the way through with both my kids. Enjoy those kicks Mama!

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Same here! Just in the past day or 2 I have been feeling At first I thought it was just my stomach,, but its low and definitely is baby! So exciting!

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Yay! It's so fun to feel them squirming and kicking around! I can't wait to feel mine more than I do Smile

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Every couple of days I get 1 good swift kick. But lots if swimming around in the evenings. Love that feeling. My first DD never ever moved literally felt her twice in my whole pg. The last one was more active but still not a lot. Hoping this one will move a lot more lol

Glad you are getting more movement now Smile