Finally....Levi John's Birth Story (long & pic heavy)
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Thread: Finally....Levi John's Birth Story (long & pic heavy)

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    Talking Finally....Levi John's Birth Story (long & pic heavy)

    First- I want to say I can't believe that I finally have a moment where I have time to write this. Normally, if I have a moment to myself, all I want to do is either sleep, eat, brush my teeth, or clean! haha. So here goes...

    On October 11th, I went to work as normal, except I wasn't feeling so good. The whole day I felt extremely nauseous and beyond tired...I wasn't even very hungry all day. I was so tempted to take a half day of work, but since I was so gung ho about working up until the moment, I stuck it through and even stayed a little later, tying up a few loose ends and finishing some stuff at work (incase it happened to be my last day.)

    So I get home and I am all about just going to sleep and getting some rest before DH and DD get home from the gym...but I just get this sudden urge to clean the dining room and I start throwing a bunch of stuff away and attempt to declutter (since it was driving me nuts!) Then all of a sudden, I feel this painful cramp and kind of a "pop" type of feeling...then I feel a gush of fluid rush out of my body. I was hoping I didn't pee myself again (because yes, I once thought my water broke, but it was really me peeing on myself, haha) So I go upstairs and (TMI) smell the liquid...which had no odor and was a little gooey in consistancy...but it kept on flowing so I thought..."Holy Crap! I think my water just broke!"-- it was about 6:10pm. I put on a pad and tried to call my husband...which he didn't answer because he was at the gym still with DD...I didn't worry too much because I knew if this was right, I wouldn't be going into labor like right away so I calmly packed DD's overnight bag, showered, packed my makeup, and called my dad and sister to let them know that I think tonight is the night.

    Finally DH calls and I let him know that my water broke and that we would be going to the hospital tonight so he gets home and he showers and we get ready to take DD to my inlaws. At this point, I haven't had any strong contractions, except on the way to the hospital, I noticed them getting slightly stronger...but they weren't consistant. We get to the hospital (it was close to 8pm at this point) and they test the liquid and the swab only turned that dark blue in one little spot so the nurse thought it was faulty swab so she just tells the doctor that my water did break-- since I was still leaking so they admitted me. The contractions start getting stronger but still bearable. I got the epidural before everything started getting uncomfortable and I got some pitocin since I was only about 2cm diataled.

    As time went by I started to feel more and more pressure on my about 2:50 the nurse comes to check me and tells me I'm ready and to start to push before the doctor gets there...I guess I pushed so hard that the nurse called the doctor right away and told me to try to stop pushing for now. The doctor gets there quickly and I start pushing again and with that one push the baby was almost out and tells me not to push so hard...I push again and before you know it...Levi was on my chest! I started to cry right away because he looked so much like DD when she was born and I was extremely overwhelmed with how easy and fast the labor went. The nurse and doctor kept saying how fast of a labor this was and that I literally pushed 4 times for a few min and he was out. The nurse asked if they can take him to clean him up and he was born on October 12th at 2:56am and weighed 7lbs 6oz and was 19 3/4 in long. He was perfect and was such a good quiet and just trying to observe all around him.

    Labor the first time around was so painful and extremely difficult and this time around it was such a breeze! I am so grateful! DD is so in love with her brother and has been so helpful and DH loves his little man.

    I was discharged from the hospital on Friday and he weighed in at 6lbs 13oz-- on Monday had a doctor's appt for him and he had already weighted at 7lbs 5oz! The doctor was impressed by his weight gain...needless to say that after about a milk was really coming in! I literally feel like I'm almost engorged all the time! I feed him or pump and after a few min my boob feel full again...It's a good thing, but breast feeding and pumping have become my daily job!

    Here are some pics...
    my loves

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    Great story! I had a similar experience with both my water breaking and an easier labor with Kessler than with Abby. So glad it was easier for you this go 'round. I know how much that means! Levi is a cutie and you guys look great.

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    What a beautiful story! So glad it was such an easy labor for you!! He is adorable and you look stunning!!!

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    Congrats!! He's a cutie.
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    Congrats! He's a super cutie.
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    Congrats on your handsome guy and your quick delivery!

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    Great story, tfs! He is adorable!!!
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    What a wonderful birth story! He's so handsome! Congrats to you and your family!
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    Congrats!! Great story!
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    Congrats he's adorable! Glad your delivery went so smoothly!
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