First Childbirth Class

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First Childbirth Class

I had my first childbirth class on Wednesday and it went well. My only complaint actually has nothing to do with the course, and it kind of amused me. I live in TX and it has been extremely hot here. About 90% of the partners in the class were wearing flip flops, and the stinky foot smell was OVERWHELMING. :eek: What can you do about that, though? I've noticed that my heightened sense of smell is still as strong as it was at the beginning of my pregnancy. Despite this minor issue, we were taught some valuable information. Next week, I'll put a couple of dabs of mentholatum under my nostrils or suck on some really strong mints! :rolleyes:

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Oh my! Nothing worse then stinky feet!!! My sense of smell is greater too and I would not be able to sit there and smell that. At least you learned something with that kind of distraction in your way!

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Yuck! I think I would be gagging the whole time! Thankfully DH and I are the only people in our class so all we have to smell is our stinky feet. LOL!

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Bummer on the stinky feet. I'm glad the class was good.though. We loved our classes last time. I'm kind of bummed we don't get to do them this time.

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Ew stinky feet! That's the worst! But I'm glad that beside that you enjoyed the class!

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Eeeeww, stinky feet are the worst! Glad you're learning some useful information though.