First laughs :)

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First laughs :)

Gotta love them. Gillian just laughed for the first time tonight. Best part? DH was the one who made her laugh:)

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Alli laughs all the time....I LOVE it. especially when her whole little body jiggles

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Markus has been laughing like crazy lately, he loves it when I put him up in the air. I should make a little video of it!!!

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Nicholas has been laughing for a week now. He loves the peekaboo the best and of course Daddy is the best at making him laugh. So cute!

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I think we had one small laugh the other night but no real giggles yet. I can't wait!!!

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Sophia had her first belly laugh last night. I just got a moby and was struggling to put it on and she laughed at me! LOL!

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So cute! It seems DH gets the best smiles and little hints of laughs the past few days. I guess momma is boring since he sees me all the time.

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Alli is such a happy baby...she's been laughing for a couple weeks now. All the other kids can get her to laugh. She finds the fish on her swing exceptionally funny AND laughs when anyone sneezes.

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Caleb started belly laughs about 2 weeks ago. Most of them are directed at his brother and sister, but I've gotten a few :).