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First-timer question

I have a question that I'm hoping you ladies can help me figure out without having to call the Dr. I have had "jolts" of pain through my girl parts on and off for a while. Usually real quick jolt and then it goes away. Today I was working (standing) and it was constant jolts of pain (coming from my cervix I assume) and they wouldn't let up. It lasted close to 30 min. I wasn't able to walk more than a few steps. There was an enormous amount of pressure and I tried going to the bathroom, hoping that would get her to move. She was kicking away at my ribs the entire time. I got real hot, faint feeling, and nauseated. I have had some "real" contractions in the last few weeks and BH on and off. Just wondering what your feelings were on this. I sat down on a stool for the last hour of work and the pains let up some, but I could still feel the jolts, just not the pressure.


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I get the jolts of pain in my girly parts too. I think I heard that it's round ligament pain. Not sure about you not feeling well. Is it hot where you're at? It could have been from the heat and being dehydrated...maybe? Wish I could help you more! Hope you feel better soon!

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I get it too. I think it's positional (from the baby). It's worse when I'm standing/walking. When I notice it I try to immediately stop and rest for a while and it will usually let up.

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I got it with my last pregnancy. Try getting down on all fours. It helped me a lot.

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I've had them a lot this pregnancy too. Sometimes it's LO using it as a punching bag. Other times it feels like I'm being stabbed. They haven't done anything to my cervix and my Dr doesn't seem concerned about it. Just another joy if late pregnancy?

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I get that too... although mine don't last that long. But, I don't stand on my feet all day either. I think Kate posted a thread about a similar pain over the weekend. It doesn't feel good when it happens.

I was having problems with being too hot Mon & Tues. I asked my dr about it... she said it was related to hormones. My skin was clammy & moist... & it wasn't hot where I was... in fact Tues the temp outside was only 60 degrees. Nevertheless, I was super hot... like what I would imagine a hot flash to be.

Hope you feel better!

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This is something I've experienced as well. I think its just baby pushing in an uncomfortable spot. I say try and stay on that stool at work as much as possible!

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I get exactly what you describe all day on and off, and I'm on my feet and walking a lot, too. I think it's cervix pain from where the baby is positioned. I usually do my best to sit down when it get particularly bad :/

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For me, sometimes it's uppercuts on little misses part that cause the stabbing pain, sometimes it's just the way she's postioned, just like everyone else has said. Changing position is the only way to get relief, and it was a LOT worse when I was on my feet 8+ hours a day.

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Thanks ladies! I was wondering if it was just position (she's been head down for awhile now), or if it was some sort of dilation/effacement process. It was happening pretty bad last night while I was sleeping. I took a few hours off this morning to rest, then back to the work grind. This is our busiest week of the year and I think my body is just a little tired. Not much longer!!!