First Word!

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First Word!

Sophia said her first word last night and now she won't stop saying it over and over! Smile She said "bye bye" and waves when she says it. My son said his first word at 10 months so it took me by surprise that she did it so early. Our babies are growing up! Sad

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That's awesome! I have been surprised at how fast babies develop. Sarah says, "Hey there." Although, it sounds more like, "Hey da." Smile We need to get these ladies together. When I try to get her to say bye she just waves and says ,"Hey there," again. Smile

I love that they are starting to talk! I'm really excited to hear what else they have to say.

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Yay!!! How exciting! Maybe it's a girl thing cause Nicholas just likes to yell and use his voice box, no words! It's so cute though to hear what different noices they make!

He isn't even close to waving bye either. I'm not sure he;s ever really said bye to anyone. Maybe I'll have to work on that!

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How cute! None of my kids have been very creative with their first words, its been "mama" with all three of them. I was sure Caleb wasn't going to talk as early because he doesn't babble constantly like my first two did (they were total chatter boxes!). But he surprised me and now says it constantly. Probably because he learned that "mama" coupled with raised up arms is a sure-fire way to get picked up and carried around the house :).

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Haha Karen! That's what I keep trying to tell Sarah. She babbles and says dadadadada all the time and has only said mamamama twice. If she wants to be picked up and carried around immediately, she should just call me. Smile