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Follow up apt

So just got back from my u/s and dr apt to follow up on my low amniotic fluid. Its lower. Sad I guess it was at a 7.5 last Tuesday, and it's at a 5 today. I have to go back again on Thursday the 29th to have it checked again...if its any lower than a 5, they are going to have to deliver her early. Ugh, makes me so nervous that they can't tell me why it's happening. I asked if it was because I was dehydrated (I drank more water in the past week than I have in my lifetime!) The doc said that had nothing to do with it. She was very quick to get me out the door, and didn't want to stick around to answer my questions (1 out of the 3 of them stays for as long as I need him to). Other than the low fluid, everything looked good, gained a lb, bp still low, she was wiggling around and kicking the u/s wand, still breech, and they say she looks to be around 5lb3oz. I guess we'll see what happens next week.

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oh goodness! I dont understand where the fluid could be going?? and how frustrating that they rushed you out, that drives me nuts!

Glad baby is growing and healthy, and just to reassure you, at 34+ weeks, she should need little to no assistance if she has to come early.

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that's wild that it keeps dropping. Crossing my fingers and toes that it doesn't continue to drop lower. It's still early for you, but not "scary" early. At least you did get the baby shower, so you have a lot of the things you need. KUP!

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my dr's told me w/ ds1 that my high bp had nothing to do with my nutrition! (of which i was getting none! mostly ate pizza and ice cream all day!) instead of telling me to eat better and exercise, they told me to take it easy and put my feet up... yeah that really helped....

the point is, don't listen to them! amniotic fluid levels are absolutely related to hydration! If water is not doing it, you might need something with more electrolytes. try herbal teas like nettle with honey (traditional medicinals makes a pregnancy tea that tastes really good, and if you brew it with 2 or 3 bags and then make it iced, it's nice and refreshing too!). Try fresh fruit juices, or add half a lemon to your glass of water. There's also something called "coconut water" I remember seeing it in wholefoods in a box drink-type container. This was 3 years ago, so not sure if it's still around - but that is an excellent replenishing drink!
All of those are good ways to add electrolytes and minerals to your water that should help really hydrate you and bring your amniotic fluid levels up. also, make sure you're getting enough iron (nettles are reeaaaly good for that!)

Good luck hon!! And glad everything else is looking good!

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I can't stand it when drs rush an appt... you are paying them for their time... frustrating! I'm sorry you are having to deal with low fluid. I have no advice but staying hydrated is always a good thing. KUP!

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Bleh! I hate it when doctors rush out. I hope that there's a nurse that you could call and maybe get an answer or two from one of them. I hope you stay at your 5 or increase. Thinking of you!

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I agree with Ayelet, and those doctors don't seem very friendly Sad

maybe do a little googling about hydration and increasing amniotic fluid.

I really hope it stops disappearing!

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Ugg, I hate it when dr's rush out of an appt. Fingers crossed that your fluid levels increase to better levels and she can keep baking just a little longer.

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"Majka" wrote:

I agree with Ayelet, and those doctors don't seem very friendly Sad

maybe do a little googling about hydration and increasing amniotic fluid.

I really hope it stops disappearing!

I third this! Couldn't hurt to try some different things at this point right?

Thoughts and prayers this problem resolves itself and you make it to your scheduled c-sec.

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Thanks girls!! I am going to do a little more research, just on how to replenish it. Ayelet, I heard of coconut water before, I think I am going to try it...I'll try anything at this point! Worrying about this is totally consuming me, I'm just so nervous something will happen before I can get to my next apt (Thurs 9-29). I am in super nesting mode now because I feel like she's going to come way earlier than I thought. Sad