Friday QOTD

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Friday QOTD

Do you have any pets? Are they inside or outside?

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We have 1 inside cat named "Tiger". Smile

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We have two inside cats named Miso and Oni. They're both scared/wary of DD, though they let her play with them.

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Had a black lab we got when I was pregnant with DD. Found him a good home right before we moved to Nebraska. He was an outdoor hunting dog and we just don't have the yard. He's got 10 acres and a pond now, so we're pretty happy about it.

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We have a dog, Maddie. She is an inside dog since we don't have a fence. She will be an outside dog once we move and have a fence.

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We have two giant goldfish in the house and 3-10 cats outside. We are on a farm so the cats come and go, we have 3 that are pretty much always here, one is Mr.Whiskers... haven't named the youngest two yet. We have a lot of wildlife so no need for pets... skunks, birds, coons, chipmunks, etc!

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We have a basset hound named Otter, and a crazy cat named Sulley (Sullivan).

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2 dogs. One's a jack-rat (jack russel/rat terrier) named Sophie and ones some kind of terrier mutt named Kacie. Smile

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Nope......I have 5 kids don't need pets...

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We have two cats and a 13 yr old lazy fat beagle mix, all inside. Wish they were all outside though cuz my house is always furry! We are wanting to get some chickens this summer if I have the time/money/energy to build a coop. We live on 1/2 acre in a pretty rural neighborhood, our neighbors have goats and chickens and one even has a horse. Oh and we have some toad tadpoles in a bucket outside that we are watching this summer.

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we have 2 inside dogs- Izzy & Sophie, both are long-haired mini dachshounds. I also have an african grey parrot, Gabby. Love, love, love animals!

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We have 2 indoor kitties, Sam and Dean.

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No pets here. DH's last dog was a sheltie who made it almost 19 wonderful years, and now we're just waiting until the kids are old enough (around 3/4) to get another dog.

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A Dog and Cat

I have an 80 lb lab named Jesse and a little tortoiseshell cat named Nonie. Jesse thinks he's a ten pound poodle and he definitely prefers being inside with us all day--hence the 80 lbs. As a black dog in Texas, he does not handle heat well. His fur just sucks in heat like a black hole sucks in light.

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We have a jack Russell terrier named Daisy and a yellow lab named Duke. Both inside dogs :). We had a fish but he went to fishy heaven right before we moved. I want to get a cat sooooo bad and I would LOVE to find a house with a few fenced acres and get either two goats or two sheep.

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Sorry, I did not log on this weekend. We have two inside dogs. They are both rescue dogs and are big babies! We have a 90lb boxer named Ralph and a 40 lb blind mutt named Stevie. Stevie totally is the boss of the two!