Friday QOTD

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Friday QOTD

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

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I don't really have a favorite but I love anything with caramel in it. Although we picked up some ice cream from Bruster's (they mix their own flavors) the other day... & the oreo cheesecake & key lime pie are very yummy! Smile

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I'm not too picky as long as it involves mostly chocolate in one way or another Wink

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in Italy my kids and Smurf and Hello Kitty Gelato lol not my fav but had to mention. I am normally a chocolate anything girl. Unless I am at Coldstone then it is there sweet cream I think it was called with any number of mix ins.

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Depends...mostly chocolate. Though I'll go for strawberry or peach some of the time. Smile

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I don't like ice cream but I love raspberry frozen yogurt in a waffle cone!

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I'm boring...I don't usually do ice cream or yogurt. Ocassionally I do crave a dreamsicle...that's about it.

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I love ice cream!! I would say chocolate is my fave but if you add peanut butter to it, my day has been made!!

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I don't really like ice cream. I am lactose intolerant so maybe that's why, but I seem to do better when I do eat some when I am pregnant. I would have to say anything chocolate is good!

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I LOVE black raspberry! I think I am the only person who doesn't like chocolate ice cream! lol

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With "scoopable" ice cream I go for plain old chocolate with milk poured over it. However, I LOVE snickers ice cream bars lately. Smile

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"BabyBuff" wrote:

...I LOVE snickers ice cream bars lately. Smile

Those things are really good! I tried the Twix ones but they weren't as good.

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I am so not picky! I like just about all ice cream, especially with peanut butter or caramel mixed in, YUM!

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I love the black cherry ice cream from a local ice cream shop that makes all their own ice cream.

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I like rasp sorbet too!!! But I add some choc sprinkles. They r a MUST Smile

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Of course last night after looking at this thread, I had to go get some chocolate ice cream. :rolleyes:

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If I go to this place called Maggie Moo's I usually get Cotton Candy icecream mixed with oreo's, reece's peanut butter cups, peanutbutter, and hot fudge...(it's actually delicious and it's something I enjoyed PRE-Pregnancy, haha) But any other time I like Cookie's n Cream and I like to add peanutbutter to it. Smile