Friday QOTD

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Friday QOTD

Did/do you play any sports (competitively or just for fun)?

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I played volleyball for years. After I met my DH, I learned to bowl competitively. He bowls professionally (although since we had DD he doesn't travel... so he's temp retired right now). The last time I bowled was May 09. I bowled a tourney when I was 4 mo pg with DD.

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oh no way! I hated all sports.

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I'm also not big into playing sports.. I like watching them, though!

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Oh did I....well for high school at least. Went to a small private school, so most athletes played year round. Softball in the Fall for us, we took 2nd in state my senior year. Basketball during winter months. Track during the spring. I took 2nd in high jump in state my senior year and ran a long list of other events. After high school just played intramural sports in college. Wish I had time for it now.

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Now, I still play co-ed softball. My team is pretty decent. We are coming to the end of the season.

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Not a one! DH does not either. We've been joking if this kid turns out to be athletically inclined we'll have to hire her own coach because we definitely won't know what to do. Smile

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Used to play soccer. Keep wanting to get back into it, just haven't been able to find the time.

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Oh gosh no, I have two left feet. My whole family is extremely athletic... I can barely make it across the kitchen without falling down :p.