Friday QOTD

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Friday QOTD

How helpful is your DH/SO around the house? (Scale of 1-5 with 5 being the most helpful)
If you have children, are they helpful? Do they have regular responsibilities/chores?

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DH is 4.5 for sure. He's very good. I'd say we're 60/40 in housework & kid work...

DS doesn't have resposibilitirs per say but we expect him to put his coat/hat/shoes away, put his dirty clothes in the hamper, pick up after himself. He's learning.

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I'm going to give DH a 3. Somedays he's more like a 2 & other days he can be a 4. Smile

DD doesn't have any set responsibilities yet other than she's expected to clean up her toys & any "mess" she makes. I do let her help with housework tasks when appropriate so she gets used to helping & exposure to the "magic" of running a house.

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I have to give DH a 4.5. He does most of the housework, although I am doing more now that I'm off work.
DD just helps with laundry (sort of, she pulls things out of the basket for you to fold), and putting away her toys.

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DH lives in England and has never lived here(we were working on immigration), but now we are divorcing instead... so yeah... no help. I'd have to say 0

Otherwise it has always just been me and DS. He is responsible for his mess and to help me when I ask. He is a kid, so of course chores mean that it is the end of the world, but he gets them done eventually.

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Seriously. He does everything that I don't / can't get to during the day AND works full time and never complains (there are many afternoons that I feel bad because he's been at work and he comes home and does the dishes as soon as he walks in, without me asking. I always tell him not to worry about it, I'll get it and he's like "No, I can do it, you've had your hands full today taking care of S, so go relax" :love10:. It's really funny because he's a MANLY man, but he's so domesticated and I'm so NOT. God bless him, I don't think I'd make it without him (pregnant or not). The only thing he doesn't do regularly is cook, but he even did that when I had nasty morning sickness and couldn't stand the smell of the refrigerator. He does more than his fair share taking care of our daughter. He'll go to the grocery store if I need him to (although... he won't buy feminine hygiene products lol but I can't complain about that).

DD turned 3 in late May so no real "chores" for her yet. She does help out a lot, picking up toys, putting her laundry away, and she likes to feed the dogs and put water in their water bowl (although I think that's mainly because she likes to 'accidentally' spill the water and play in it lol)

I must say, I try to do my fair share of housework, but I certainly have two people around here who are more than willing to help out when I need it Smile

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Oh gosh... I'll give him a 3. Because I'm in a good mood today :). He works full time and I SAH so I honestly don't ask him to do much. All I ask is that he take out the trash, unload the groceries from the car and pick up after himself. He's about 50% on all of them lol. But I know that even those things are more than he ever planned on doing! In his family men are kings and get waited on hand and foot. He fancies himself quite a modern American man lol! But I do everything else, I pack his lunches for work, bring him every bit of food he puts in his mouth, do all the "work" with the kids etc. But don't get me wrong, he's a great daddy. He plays with the kids and spends every spare minute he has with them. He just wants all his time with them to be fun. No cleaning them or anything :).

My kids are amazing around the house! At 2(as of yesterday!) and 3 they clean up their rooms before nap time and before bed and follow me around trying to help with my daily chores. They like to use baby wipes to help me dust (leaves everything a streaky mess :)), and they each have a toy vacuum they use while I vacuum, etc. They can't get enough of it all. It would be so much easier if they wouldn't help... But I love their effort! Off to a good start IMO!

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I'd say my DH is a 5. He works full time, does tons of chores around the house, and plays with DD whenever he can. He doesn't cook often, but but can. I usually do the cooking because I get home from work earlier than he does.

DD is 3 - she picks up toys, helps set the table, puts her clothes in the hamper, etc. She also LOVES to help me do things like cook and laundry!

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well this one is hard. I feel like giving DH a 2, but in reality, he mows, keeps up with the car maint, grills most of the summer after working long days, so I guess it's more like a 3 or so. I SAH, so I guess he figures I have all day to get it done, so I don't have to kill myself to keep up the house. It did drive me nuts when I worked full time, but now it's ok with me. I make him breakfast and during harvest and planting I pack his lunch cooler. DD helps keep her room clean and pick up any toys around the house. She piles up her laundry for me and loves to help cook. He'll be working 15+ hour days 6-7 days/week when the baby comes, so I guess he'll just have to deal with a dirty house then. I'll be taking care of an infant almost entirely by myself for the first few weeks.

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My DH gets a 5. We all of the housework together. He has been especially helpful here recently as I can not move as fast as I use too.

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DH is a 10! He is actually my maintenance man/housekeeper/Manny all in one. I clean and do the kids laundry and stuff like that but DH does way more than I do.

DS#1 put his dishes in the sink after dinner - and we have him help with DS #2. They both have to help clean up but nothing too big.

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I'll give my DH a 2.5. We have no kids, so it's just picking up after each other. He does his own laundry and zero housework. If I ask, he'll vacuum or load the dishwashwer. He does mow the yard but I have to ask most of the time. The reason he is a 2.5 instead of a 0.5... he cooks every meal. I have to clean up but the food is ready the minute I walk in the door. I think that's worth some bonus points Wink

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Usually he is at a 3, but since I got preg he is at a 4.5. I was super sick in the beginning, and its so hard to try to do all the housework, cooking, working 40hrs a week, plus taking care of DS, and I think he finally realized that this pg takes a toll on me. He comes home from work, cooks, and then cleans up! He's actually even given DS a bath a lot lately (before I got pg he maybe gave 4 and I had to BEG for that!). He's really stepped up.

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I'm very lucky that DH is a 5--- he helps out a lot and most times does more than me. He does most of the cooking at home and takes DD where she needs to go during the day. He is very hands on and I'm extrememly lucky. Though now that football season is back on...we shall see if he's going to get knocked down to a 3, lol.

DD is 3 and she doesn't have any set responsibilities just yet, but she does clean up after herself when she's done with her toys (after we tell her to.) She knows to put dirty clothes in the hamper, etc. She's learning.

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I would say 1 and 5. LOL. If I don't ask him to do anything he usually won't, but if I make him a list he will do it. We both like a clean house but usually I am first to clean so there is nothing left to do. He helps out alot with DS though expecially now and works alot so I would say it evens out. As for my DS... he can help but it's not much help KWIM? I'll give him a duster or he will get out his toy vaccuum, or sometimes I'll even give him windex and papertowels to clean the windows but I'll always have to wipe up what he leaves behind.He also can put his own laundry in the washer and start it and switch it to the dryer. Gotta love those front loading machines!!!

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Yeah..maybe a 2.5? He does almost no "care" for the children like diapers, clothes, baths..he used to do bedtime but he started working nights and I did it a few nights and it's all screwed up so now I do that too. He does help me feed them, and takes them every so often so I can nap. He plays with them a lot when he gets a chance too. Like whoever said he just wants his time to be "fun" with them since he has so little. He fixes lunch anytime he's home and does dinner about 40% of the time.
For the housework he SOMETIMES will remember to take out the trash. Also usually on Sunday he'll help me deep clean a room or two.

I can't complain much though because he's out of the house about 10 hours a day at least and often works overtime. He also picks up night shift a lot. He never complains if the house is messy or I don't get to something. He also readily admits my job is harder than his.

Fiona will pretty much put her clothes in the dirty clothes, "help" me with the laundry and we're working on getting better at picking up toys. She also helps bring me diapers and takes them to the trash.
Rowynn is only 18 months old (almost) but she is better about picking toys up than Fiona is.

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I'd give him a 4 on his good days and a 2 on his lazy days lol, that said he is great at helping with the kids most of the time and my older kids are awsome at helping me out when I ask.