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Friday QOTD

Some of us will be having a holiday weekend (Labor Day)... Do you get a 3 day weekend? Are you going anywhere or doing anything exciting this weekend? If you could pick anywhere to go for a long weekend, where would you go?

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My DH gets Monday off but he's choosing to work so he will have an extra day to either use for DS's birth or Christmas. We were going to take DD to her first tailgate but DH forgot he scheduled to play golf with some family :rollingeyes: So... Now we are going to visit MIL. He says we can do both but I think that will be too much for DD & myself... we will see.

If I could choose to go anywhere this weekend, I would go to a beach. I really wanted a beach trip this year but DH didn't have enough time off with needing to be off for DS's arrival.

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We had a three day weekend, last weekend. I worked Sat and Sun (my last weekend of work) then we had Mon off all together. We ended up out running errands and bought a new tv (unplanned). Hope everyone there has a good long weekend Smile

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Yeah, we get the long weekend here.

On Saturday, a friend has invited us to dinner. He's grilling some kind of kebabs, which sound tasty! I'm supposed to bring dessert. There's also taking DD to gym and attempting to avoid the football traffic while doing so Wink Sunday has no current plans, same for Monday. I THINK my DH is going to work on Monday, leaving me all day with DD. If this is the case, I'll be trying to think of a lot of free and fun activities since I'm not much on running around after her at the moment.

If we could go anywhere semi-localish for labor day weekend, I'd want to go to my parents' house.. just to have some extra help.

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still not sure if DH will have to work until noon tomorrow. He does have Sunday/Monday off though. He was trying to convince me to camp b/c DD has been begging to sleep in the tent and it's going to be perfect weather...that said, I decided not to. I just don't think my body can handle sleep on an air mattress. We'll visit a new state park and check out the fishing. I'm going to try to get him to finish painting the garage so we can move on to the baby's room soon.

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Dh normally has 4 days off but due to the hurricane he only has one, as of now.

The weather will be amazing and our town has the country fair, craft fair, and snapper derby so I wouldn't want to go anywhere!

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Dh took today off to spend with us. We are going to the pool and getting stuff organized today.

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We get a 3 day weekend too! Not doing anything to exciting since I shouldn't be traveling far. We have stuff to get done around the house before we have visitors and this LO comes but we will probably take DS to the pool one day. It's going to be a hot weekend. I wanted to go to the zoo one last time but not sure if I can walk that much in this kind of weather.

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Yep, DH is home. We'll probably still do some school on Monday, but not as much. Also, one of our favorite thrift stores in having a sale on Sun and Mon. so after church on Sunday we will definitely go to that. Smile

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Yeah, DH is getting the 3 day weekend. We're going to visit MIL and go to the first Alabama game of the season. I know I'm insane, because it's going to be 100 degrees, but I've been to an Alabama game when I was pregnant with both of the girls and I REALLLLLLLLLY want to go while I'm pregnant with Egan too.
We'll also be doing pictures and hoping to run to the carters on Sunday to take advantage of their awesome sale.

It's pretty much what I would want to do, but I REALLY loved the condo at the beach we stayed in two weeks ago and would love to go back there too. Smile

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Well, I'm off on sickness, so I don't really count. Tomorrow is DH's bday, but he always works weekends, and is working an extra shift on Monday :(. Tues is when we'll celebrate his bday.

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Nope, no three day weekend here. DH always has Monday/Tuesday off instead of sat/sun.

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DH has a 4 day weekend. We're going to try & get some baby stuff one. We might go to the fair...honestly I'm a terrible grump!!! Can't get my attitude changed.

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Yes, we get a 3 day weekend, but I had requested Friday off too, since my bday was on Saturday. I didn't want to really go anywhere, as we usually to to my inlaws mountain house, but I decided that I didn't want to go this year. We stayed local and just hung out with my family and had a chill weekend.

If I had to go anywhere for a long weekend, it would probably be a vineyard and stay at like a bed & breakfast...that being said, it's something that I would like to do when I'm NOT pregnant, lol.