Friday QOTD

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Friday QOTD

Do you have any pet peeves while pregnant or in general? Do pregnancy hormones make you more irritable than usual?

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With this baby yes I'd say I get cranky quite a bit! With my first two DH joked he planned on keeping me pregnant because I was always in such a good mood :p.

My major pet peeve is loud chewing! I absolutely can't stand it, it's just plain disgusting!

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Can't think of anything really. Well nothing that is worse when pg lol I am generally quite laid back and not very hormonal. Although DH argues this until he sees or hears about other women then he is full agreement with me lol

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This pregnancy has been different than my last. I think I've been far less hormonal, but I'm still not 'normal.' Wink Things that irritate me -- when my child is being overly naughty, the 25th time I'm asked if I'm "still here" or "not much longer now?" at work, and when I have a hot flash, especially if that hot flash coincides with my DH wanting to hug me (I Love hugs, but not when I'm dying of heat!!). Hah, I think I sound pretty silly. Maybe I'm more hormonal than I thought!

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I think I'm more homornal than last pregnancy. Pet peeves are mainly with DD when she doesn't listen. And yes, I'm way more short tempered than I usually am. I'm usually fairly patient with her. Thank goodness for twice/week preschool. It's only from 12:30 - 3:30, but that keeps me a little more normal.

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i have plenty of pet peeves when not pregnant, hehe
I haven't felt like I am irritable this pregnancy, I am more emotional and very easy to cry. I hate that. I cry at commercials on the radio!

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I have some in general, but the hormones make them come out worse when pg. I HATE people who are stupid drivers! You know, like the ones who don't even come close to do the speed limit, the ones who are going 50, slam on the brakes, then take a turn with no warning, people riding my butt while DS is in the car...etc. I also can't stand people who don't say thank you! I hate when you are holding the door for a person and they walk through and just look at you. I always make sure to yell "You're welcome!!" Biggrin

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I think I have handled my hormones pretty well this pregnancy considering how hard this pregnancy was and how it's ending. Maybe just a few freak outs but I dont remember what they were. I also do have a great SO, so that helps!!!

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Not a Morning Person

I have been waking up in a pretty cranky mood for the past week or so. There's no real reason for it. I'm just in a foul mood. Of course, the 30 to 45 minute commute to work in the morning doesn't help at all. People drive like psychotic morons around here. I just want them to use their damn blinker before they suddenly lunge in front of me on the highway. **GRUMBLE**

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I'm very emotional and hormonal too. But my biggest pet peeve is when I show someone a picture on my phone and they grab it and start scrolling through. Hello??? I said look at this picture, not, take my phone and invade my privacy!!

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I try to keep on an even keel, but I'm pretty hormonal. Biggest peeves are rude people on the bus (the teenagers who will NEVER give up their seat). I'm usually ok standing, but there are times when my balance is really off, and I could use a seat. I'm also getting annoyed when dd is having a normal, typical toddler meltdown ... I'm finding myself giving in to her tantrums, which is not a good habit to be in.

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This is going to sound so horrible......

Other people's children get on my nerves SO BAD right now! The last few times I've been at the OB there have been younger kids there being obnoxiously loud and OMG I've wanted to kill their parents for just sitting there listening to it!

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I'm not sure if I'm overly hormonal or I'm just so miserable I don't care what I sound like.

Most of my latest annoyances are here at home with DH... like when he leaves his shoes laying EVERYWHERE. It's so bad that DD (23 months old) will pick them up & carry them to his closet. I can't stand it when DH says he will do something & then days/weeks later it is still untouched.

Bad driving irritates me too but I've calmed down in the car... don't want DD picking up on my yelling. I can't stand it when you are in a store (like walmart) & someone blocks the entire aisle with their cart & themselves... drives me nuts... there are other people!