Friday QOTD

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Friday QOTD

How 'green' are you... Do you compost, recycle, repurpose, drive a hybrid, etc? What is your motivation (saving the planet, doing your part, saving money, etc)?

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I do what I can where I can to save money. I cloth diaper, recycle what I can & repurpose whatever I can. We try to use things that we can reuse. I want to learn to compost next.

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I do my best, but I don't go nuts with it. We mainly cloth diapered and then potty train ASAP. No composting because we're in an apartment but we recycle and repurpose as much as possible. We don't have a hybrid, but our Taurus gets awesome gas mileage for being a bigger car :). I guess I do it because I don't see a reason not too haha. I try to keep waste and excess to a minimum in every aspect of my life.

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We recycle everything that's easily recyclable, and I -do- drive a hybrid. DH used to drive one, too, but we bought a bigger vehicle when we found out that this LO was on the way Smile

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We recycle. We have big building just down the street that we have to take it to, but it's not that much of a hassle. They don't take glass though, so I have to throw away glass b/c I have no where to take it. Sad
I watch the thermostat and open windows as often as I can or open just curtain to heat with the sun when it's cold out. That's mostly for the money savings.
We walk to the grocery store when we're just needing a few things. Again, saving money and also being "green." I drive a Honda, so fuel efficient but not a hybrid or anything. Plant our own garden every spring.
We plan to start composting next spring. We need to get one of the bins for we're semi green I suppose. Oh and I repurpose a lot of things or find things on craigslist versus buying new. I suppose that's green and thrify.

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We're not all that green ... we do recycle cans and bottles, but nothing else ... if we had a place to store it I'm sure we'd recycle more. We can't compost, the condo board won't allow it. Our vehicle does get pretty good gas milege, but that wasn't the reason we bought it.

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We recycle and I try to buy as many "green" products as possible where it makes the most sense. I buy nature babycare diapers - Not only does it make my stomach turn with how many diapers we throw away and cloth just isn't an option with daycare, the chemicals in diapers really freak me out too. I'd say most of the motivation is if you can do something good for the environment why not? As well as hope for our kids that EArth is still kicking!