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Friday QOTD

Do you usually try to match your bra & panties? Do you tend towards neutrals (black, white & nude) or fun colors & patterns?

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I always try to match. I have for as long as I can remember. I'm pretty sure my mom taught me to do that.

I stick mainly with neutrals but I have a few fun sets. My pre mom stuff was definitely more "fun" & sexy... can't wait to slim down & wear it again. Smile

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I rarely match I have to admit. I have a lot of neutral bras, but love to have wild and crazy panties XD

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It just depends. I have some sets and neutrals too. I guess I tend to go towards fun bright colors and bold prints. Of course, I have a good bit of nude and black as well. I really need a new bra or two, but I'll probably be practical and get one nude and one black to get me through right when my milk comes in. I'm starting to bust out of my current size.

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I don't match more often then when I do. I have lots of neutrals for bra's and fun underwear. It's funny...just when i was starting to spice up my undergarments...I got pregnant (maybe it had something to do with it???) Biggrin

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Nope. I wear mostly black underwear & a different colour bra. Right now the only one that fits is orange.

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I dont have any sets because the panties that match always seem ridiculously expensive to me! I am a size 18, but have only gained 9 pounds so far, so I am hoping to get down to a 14 after baby. If I do that, when breast feeding is over, Im going all out and getting NICE bras and panties. The difference in price between regular sizes and plus sizes is double, so I will finally be able to afford to do it!

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I NEVER match...unless it's a special occasion or something. All my stuff is pretty colorful and fun.

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LOL no. Nude color bra and comfy cotton undies all the way for me.

I haven't bought a 'set' of lingerie in so long I can't even remember lol

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I have a few sets, but I don't usually TRY to match. I tend to wear neutral bras and colorful panties. My husband has bought me a few sets for fun, but none of them come even close to fitting now.

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I never match. Bras are usually neutral, panties are fun. Can't wait to bring out the fun panties again.

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I tend toward neutral bras, white black, cream. But I dont wear undies at all:eek: