Fun day ahead -updated with u/s and belly pics

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Fun day ahead -updated with u/s and belly pics

Today is going to be busy. I have my GD test, but thanks to my amazing dr.'s office, I already have the drink in my fridge at my house. Since it takes 45 minutes to drive there, I'll drink it before I leave, walk in, tell them when I finished and I'll only have to wait a few minutes for them to take my blood. Then I also have a u/s today, so it will be a fun appointment despite the GD test. I plan to stop in to Target, the fabric store, get paint samples, and of course the boring weekly grocery trip. Crossing my fingers that Abby Kate will hold up with all the running around. Maybe I can score a good deal again at Target...afterall, last time I went for a dr.'s appointment I found the crib for $ can only hope right? That deal on diapers with the gift cards sounds like a great deal though, so hoping they have that at my target.

No really big deals today except some cool women's socks on clearance for .62 that I'll turn into cute leg warmers for Kessler and grabbed a girly pair for my friend's little girl.

Fabric only made me more confused as to what I want. Thought I wanted green and brown for him room, but I'm loving the grey and blue fabric. IDK.

Kessler is still a boy. LOL. didn't really think he wasn't, but it's always nice to know.
Passed my gluclose test and have gained a total of 24 lbs so far. Seems like way more than I thought, but oh well.

And pics:

Taken today - CHUNKY CHEEKS! AGH!

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That's so convenient that you got to take the drink home! My dr's office sends us out to get blood work and tests done. Good luck with your deals! That's the best when you can find a good totally makes the trip worth it!

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Hope you have a great appt and find some great deals!

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How exciting.. another u/s!!! I love Target! Hope you find some good deals and enjoy your day!

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That sounds like a fun day! ... well other than the GD test. Smile My dr. office gives you the drink to take home too and it's really nice to not have to sit there any extra time.
I hope Abby Kate holds up for you!

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Good luck with your test & errands! Make sure you share any good deals you find... that crib one was AMAZING! My drs office sends the drink home too... I didn't really think about it... I just assumed everyone does it that way... but, you're right, that is very convenient.

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He is adorable! And you're looking pretty good yourself, very cute!

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You look great! & Kessler is adorable... such a cute face! TFS!

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You look so cute, adorable baby belly!

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you look simply adorable !!!